08 Dec 15

Holiday Gift Guide: For Him

We all have at least one man in our lives–whether it’s a boyfriend, father, husband, brother, friend, or colleague, we know that sometimes men

25 Nov 15

The Best Thanksgiving Soirée

The sun began to set on Grandvaux; the sky on fire with streaks of pinks and orange, and we sat on a bench overlooking

11 Nov 15

Classic Pumpkin Pie

There may be nothing more iconic than pumpkin pie when it comes to American Thanksgiving. Basically it’s the essence of autumn in every bite; the

04 Nov 15

The Lausanne Guide Thanksgiving Soirée

The beginning of November in the United States means that the very best of all holidays is just around the corner – Thanksgiving! But

23 Sep 15

4 Things We Love This Fall

Sometimes it’s the little things–and all of these little things have made our home look and feel and smell more like a home. And

24 Feb 15

Where to shop in Lausanne: Aēsop

Reminiscent of an old apothecary, the relatively new Aēsop counter in Globus has shelves of brown glass bottles that are guaranteed to provide satisfaction