Gab in the house

07 Feb 17

Welcome Gabriel!

Five years ago when we first embarked on this little adventure we call The Lausanne Guide, we were two women who loved to write and were determined to learn to take beautiful photographs in order to tell the world (er, our five original readers) of the great places we were frequenting in Lausanne. The rub was that we were pitifully inexperienced in web design and continuously bumped up against issues that we couldn’t resolve on our own. Enter Gabriel. Gabriel was a colleague who had become a friend. And we were just shameless enough to exploit his tremendously good nature to edit the code, explain the function of meta tags, implement SEO strategies, and generally to bounce ideas off of someone who actually knew what they were doing. We say everyone needs a digital genius in their lives! That’s why we’re so excited to announce that beginning in 2017,