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Bamee Bistrot

Hidden in the St Francois Galleries, there’s a new little spot that seems to be on just about everyone’s radar. We arrived almost exactly at noon and the place was exploding with people waiting patiently to get their hands on this highly sought after lunch. All fresh, all made-to-order, and all packed with authentic Vietnamese flavors. If you haven’t tried Bamee Bistrot yet, GET ON IT. It’s small, unassuming, but has thoughtful touches that make the ambiance one that you wouldn’t mind dining in or taking out. The large windows let in the perfect amount of light, and the bar stools facing the galleries make it an ideal place to people-watch (if you think to take your eyes away from your colorful plate). On the menu are various traditional Vietnamese sandwiches, otherwise known as Banh Mi, packed full of flavorful meat or veg and fresh herbs, as well as the Bo

23 Sep 14

Where to Eat in Lausanne: Street Kitchen

If you’ve spent any time in or around Place de la Riponne this summer, you would have noticed the influx of food trucks and stands there every Tuesday and Thursday. And if you’ve walked past Street Kitchen, a food stand started by Toni and Emma–a husband and wife duo, the first item on their menu would definitely had made you do a double-take…it’s called The Skinny Bitch and it’s freakin delicious. We had the pleasure of trying out a few items on their menu recently and couldn’t think more highly of their melange of different flavors and fresh ingredients.    We asked Emma, the co-founder and chef, a few questions about Street Kitchen and thought we’d share her answers with you: What inspired you to start Street Kitchen? I come from a family of entrepreneurs so starting my own business was always something I wanted to do. We felt there was