Children’s Photography

15 Jun 16

Welcome Baby Remy

In some ways, we cannot believe a month has already gone by. But at the same time, our bleary and heavily lidded eyes tell a different story–friends, we have a newborn. Remy was born on the 11th of May right here in Lausanne and we are smitten. When Sarah and I found out we were both pregnant, we had a mild panic attack (what will happen to TLG?!) and then we collected ourselves and realized that growth was a natural part of any passion project, and that we would learn to evolve and adapt and it would be good. We also knew that this was such a momentous part of our lives that we absolutely wanted to document our new additions and share this part of our journey with you. We couldn’t think of a better person to chronicle our growing families than our dear friend, TLG sponsor, and talented photographer Hayley