Le P’tit Central

For a passerby, Le P’tit Central is just another ordinary downtown café. But don’t let its unremarkable exterior fool you. Those who step through its woolen curtain find an intimate, charming space; a hidden treasure with an old-world flair. Beautiful Portuguese tiles line the walls, their motif the story of Lausanne in 1850. It’s striking and weirdly reassuring to see just how familiar the images still are. This blue and white canvas is an exotic and transporting backdrop for a Saturday morning coffee. But don’t trust us—rather, consult the clientele. Le P’tit Central seems always to be full when other nearby cafés sit empty. The terrace, especially, is bustling with an artistic and stylish crowd. In fact, it’s the closest thing we’ve found to a Parisian street café ambiance where red lipstick and nonchalance rule the day. The terrace is often overflowing, unless of course to stop by around