Around Switzerland on a Stand-Up Paddle Board

August 25, 2022 is a new website that has mapped out all of the stand-up paddle rental locations in Switzerland. We got a chance to speak to the founder and get some insider tips on what to bring on a board for a day on the water.

You may be one of the many who has gotten hooked by the stand-up paddle craze that has taken Switzerland by storm. We certainly did, and have been lake-bound each summer since we tried it.

As most other people in Switzerland also discovered this great mode of movement, rental locations around here have multiplied–to the extent that we can´t keep track of all of them. The Lac Leman area alone hosts an incredible 30+ shops that offer rental boards and a new website, based out of Lausanne, is solving the problem of keeping track of all of them. GetSUP has meticulously mapped the rental locations all over Switzerland plus a lot of additional info, such as opening hours, prices, as well as the water temperature in Lake Geneva.

several people on a stand-up paddle board

We had the pleasure to chat with the founder of GetSUP, Andrey, an avid stand-up paddler and a passionate entrepreneur. “It came naturally, I had already created a list of rental locations for myself. So the decision to put it online to help the community was a no-brainer” says Andrey with a smile.

He continued enthusiastically, “Even if I own a board myself, I rent frequently at new spots all around Switzerland. For example, floating down the river Aare is a unique experience. With a rental board, you have the convenience of not having to take your board back to the start. There are services where you have a different drop of location.”

Andrey also shared an expert tip on what to bring when heading out on the lake (apart from sunscreen, water, and a waterproof bag that should be standard for anyone lakeside on a sunny summer day), “My must-have is a pair of swimming goggles. The clarity of the water changes quickly in the lake, and sometimes it’s just a few hundred meters between murky and crystal clean water. From a stand-up board it’s easy to spot the best waters. And when I find the right spot, I jump in!”

Where's your favorite place to stand-up paddle board in Switzerland?

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