Street Style – Margaux

May 30, 2018

Don’t get us wrong, we love Lausanne. But there is one thing we often don’t realize we are missing until we visit Paris or London or New York: being inspired by daily street fashion. We think it’s even more rare to have those moments of inspiration at the office or workplace because work clothes=boring. But then we met Margaux in an office while working on a shared project and instantly had a fangirl moment. She was wearing color! She was mixing patterns! She had bright lipstick and bright shoes! And was in an office.

One of the main things we love about Margaux’s style is her nonchalance regarding brands. While she has an eye for fashion (she previously worked with a major fashion label), and appreciates certain designers, she recognizes that fashion isn’t created by just wearing a brand name–it’s really about how you creatively pull a look together. This is why when she showed up wearing this beautiful pink coat, we assumed it was an expensive and unattainable. And then she laughed and said it was from Primark. Minds blown.

Another key piece we absolutely loved was this rectangular cross body purse from Diane von Furstenberg. It’s structured, compact, and the customizable straps allow for more freedom and versatility. You can find similar ones here.

Besides being such a breath of fresh air in terms of fashion, Margaux is an all-around breath of fresh air as a person. We’re glad that our original office fan-girl moment could transition to a night out to grab drinks and talk about 6-hour Colombian bus rides in pursuit of an original Mochilla bag (true story). Thanks Margaux for showing us that we shouldn’t be afraid of color or patterns, and that fashion should be fun.

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