Street Style – Eleni

October 4, 2018

“Just do what feels comfortable,” we tell her, as we move the camera lens a few inches from her face.

“This?” she says, hiding behind a pillow, jesting and laughing in her contagious manner.

This is the paradox that is Eleni. You see her on the street and notice her impeccably outrageous style–her mix of patterns, her play with shapes, with different cuts and hems, and of course her gorgeous glow and the perfect ringlets of hair that somehow make her look more sexy than sweet, and you assume she is out of reach…and yet, SHE IS ONE OF US. She’s humble and generous, caring and kind, fiercely loyal and refreshingly transparent…she is the most down-to-earth person you’ll meet. She’s Lausanne’s Eyebrow Queen with a fashion flair this city needs, so we decided (with the help of some of you) that Eleni was a must for our next Street Style.

1. What would you say are your main fashion inspirations?

currently, its Julie Pelipas (Fashion Director at Vogue Ukraine @juliepelipas , she can do no wrong), blogger Maja Wyh (@majawyh her proportions are sublime), Rose Langenbein (@roselangenbein Styling director at My Theresa, I love her take on androgynous athleisure), Trinny Woodall (@trinnywoodall for mixing high street with mid to high end so brilliantly), Australian label Ellery (@elleryland for all that is luxe), Nordic Style Report @nordicstylereport – our northern sisters are the coolest there is, and Leandra Medine Cohen (@leandramcohen for her whacky & eclectic, don’t-give-a-f*ck take on style).  I’m also very much inspired by art & interiors.

2. What’s the process for you when you select an outfit?

my mood will always dictate my outfit. being from Melbourne, I often revert to the Melbourne “uniform” of an all black outfit, especially when I’m sometimes stuck for inspiration (or nothing is ironed! ????), but I often like to mix this up with prints (clash them!), bright colours, volume or really fun shoes. I’m either super minimal, in-your-face or anywhere in between. I don’t think I could ever stick to just one style or look… I need variety or I’ll just get bored (and I bore very easily).

3. Do you have any fashion rules? Any absolute NO-NOs?

– no rules & anything goes! and, I always dress for myself, not for anyone else. I definitely have a few man repeller outfits and shoes my husband doesn’t love, but if it makes me feel good, then I go for it. he’s used to it!
– at the risk of sounding cliché, rules are meant to be broken. having said that, if a garment doesn’t fit you well, then don’t wear it. you’ll be forever adjusting & checking yourself.
– find yourself a good tailor. not just for hemming or fixing buttons, but use them to make slight adjustments to garments that will really make them stand out. eg. nip in the waist of a dress a bit more, have the sleeves on a jacket fitted closer to your arm. the options are endless!
– lastly, try the clothes on! don’t judge an outfit by the way it hangs on a hanger.

4. When you’re not browsing, where can we find you in Lausanne?

— if its for food, I have a current lunch circle I’m rotating depending on what I fancy… My Sandwiches for authentic Vietnamese, Street Kitchen for funky bowls, La Perroquet for an easy & tasty lunch menu (and Fabio’s awesome coffee). but, I’m excited to try the Loxton when it opens up soon.
— if I have extra time up my sleeve, you’ll find me wandering the little streets of Lausanne looking for inspiration – Cos, Zara, Topox, H&M & general street style. In my 6.5 years here, the street style of Lausanne is definitely getting better & better.

5. What would be one piece of advice you would give to someone who wants to add some creativity to their daily fashion, but is a bit more timid?

– have some fun! don’t let the constraints of a certain “look” hold you back. classic is nice but it can sometimes be so boring (& mainstream, especially in a city like Lausanne). also, follow what makes you smile — don’t repeat someone else’s look from head to toe. take some tips and interpret them to reflect your personality. I know playing with fashion can sometimes be a challenge here in Switzerland, but don’t be afraid to shop online too. Asos is a favourite for me, and of course, Zalando. both have free shipping & returns so really there’s nothing to lose. fashion is not serious for me, so I love to play around a lot – any brand, any style, any decade.
accessories are also a safer way to experiment without having to invest in big ticket items.

Thank you Eleni, for spending your morning with us and inspiring us to be a bit more daring and creative with our wardrobe. For more info about Eleni, or to visit her to discover your real natural brow potential, visit her website (she does online bookings!).

Outfit details:

long skirt: Massimo Dutti
cream striped top: vintage
sneaks: Adidas
pink boilersuit: Asos
pink 2 piece suit: Zara
blue striped tshirt: Zara
fuschia mules: Zara
sunglasses: Super
sequin jacket: Zara


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