Street Kitchen Café

March 15, 2018

We have been eating their food for years now; starting at Place de la Riponne when they had their food tent, traveling with them to Gland as they opened up their kitchen, and witnessing them rock the food scene at La Grenette one summer. We’ve hosted Thanksgiving with them, Christmas cocktails, attended a Brooklyn Foodie Fest where they made insane finger foods we still dream of. Yet we’ve always longed for the day that we could access Street Kitchen’s food right here in the center of Lausanne on a regular basis…and now, friends, we can. Please join us as we extend a warm (and hallelujah finally!) welcome to Street Kitchen Café.

We met Emma years ago when we couldn’t help but engage her in conversation about her summery “salad” called The Skinny Bitch (written in bold white letters across a chalkboard sign in Place de la Riponne). She’s feisty and loving and knows how to handle the heat in the kitchen. Married to Tony, the other half of Street Kitchen, they make a dynamic duo we are SO grateful to have here in Lausanne.

In the café, Emma’s touch is everywhere. From the succulents and cheeky signage, to a nod to her South African roots with Nelson Mandela’s illustrated face on the wall. Her creative and bold recipes include hot and cold noodle and rice bowls, packed with fresh and flavorful ingredients, plus a wide range of sandwiches perfect for those on the go. The one thing we love about Street Kitchen, is the fact that they never been scared of flavor. In a country where it’s hard to find a bit of spice, we can’t help but smile as we’re eating their home-made kimchi and picking up hints of chili oil next to our perfectly grilled steak and soft boiled egg.

The space is small, but the cozy vibe fits with their demeanor. Always warm, always welcoming–we came on the second day they were open and by the end of our lunch the place was packed. We can envision a lot of take-out happening from Street Kitchen Café as the weather gets warmer, and many cozy window-seat coffees with home-baked cookies when it’s cold. 

So if you’re looking for us over the next few months, try Street Kitchen Café first. We plan to try every damn thing on that menu–and the best thing is, our bodies will be thanking us for it. We felt full, satisfied, and amazing after our meal. Thanks Emma and the Street Kitchen team for making healthy food that actually excites us and is packed with flavor. And also gives us ‘freedom’ to try the cookies too…

Street Kitchen Café

Rue Central 25, Lausanne

Current Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 8h30-17h30

Follow them on Facebook, or check out their website.


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