Street Cellar

April 26, 2021

Walking away after an evening at Street Cellar, our cheeks hurt from smiling. Perhaps it was the newfound taste of freedom and fresh air with terraces reopening, but our bet is on the fact that at Street Cellar, the welcome is as warm as the gourmet “hot dogs” and smashed crispy potatoes.

Arthur and Julien, two local friends and EHL graduates, understand that wine and good food are two things that can actually break barriers. They bring people together, and sipping on that crisp Chasselas allows us to participate in a beautiful age-old tradition native to the very terroir that we step upon on our Sunday strolls. Passionate about bringing wine and delicious ‘street food’ to the people, Street Cellar is a self-proclaimed wine bar that breaks the rules. And we couldn’t agree more.

When the typical perception of a wine bar equates to a privileged and pretentious setting where naïveté is frowned upon, Julien and Arthur welcome the curious. “My favorite is when people come in and say they don’t like a certain wine. That’s usually the first wine I pour for them, because it’s the best feeling when they reconnect with a wine or are surprised by something unexpected.” For Julien, breaking down preconceptions, connecting the palate to the people who grow and nurture the grapes is exactly why he’s there. And we couldn’t love it more.

But don’t stop with the wine—which is poured directly from the barrels—because the menu is just as appetising. With the use of local products and an explosion of flavors, it’s difficult to choose what to order, but for us, the the Cheeky Chicken Roll stole the show.

Find Street Cellar on our list of favorite terraces, along with many others!

Rue du Port-Franc 2a, 1003 Lausanne

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