Sleepy Bear Coffee Shop

May 25, 2021

If you’ve lived in Lausanne longer than a few years, you’ll know as well as we do that the coffee scene here has flourished significantly in recent years. Not too long ago, renversés in tea rooms were your only options and even now, if you order a ‘flat white’ or a ‘cortado’ in some cafés you’ll get a blank stare in return. But watching the coffee culture grow here has been an absolute delight, with Sleepy Bear leading the way as Lausanne’s first specialty coffee bar in Lausanne.

Situated in the dreamy sous-gare neighborhood on Rue Simplon, Sleepy Bear can be easy to miss from the exterior façade. But once inside it’s evident, if not for the aromas of freshly ground beans, that this is a coffee mecca. Small and intimate in terms of space, this is a café that true coffee aficionados come to sip something special. Using coffee that is locally roasted by Good Life Coffee specifically for them, the team at Sleepy Bear acknowledges that not all beans are created equal and that each coffee drink must be prepared in a specific and special way. 

So for all of you coffee lovers: if you’re looking for a spot that has skilled baristas who offer the superior cup, head to Sleepy Bear and prepare to sip on something distinctive and delightful. 

Rue du Simplon 3A, 1006 Lausanne

Monday-Friday: 7h30-16h

Saturday & Sunday: 9h-15h

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