Sky Lounge | Hotel Royal Savoy

June 8, 2017


Forgive us while we take a moment to collect ourselves…



Ever since we first heard from friends at the Royal Savoy that they wanted to turn the roof top of one of Lausanne’s most venerable old hotels into a modern, sleek bar in the sky, we’ve been anticipating  this day.

It’s not that rooftop bars are a new concept—they’re in cities across the globe. But we challenge any other city on the planet to compete with our view.

Lausanne was MADE for rooftop bars. And now we finally have one deserving of the gorgeous landscape.

As we sipped our tropical cocktails and nibbled on our fresh, inventive dishes, we tried to apply a critical eye. Surely there was something that could be improved, something that they didn’t get right.

But we’ve got nothing, people:

Order this. You will thank us.

The drinks were amazing; the food was exceptional (promise us you’ll order the Wild for Sashimi & Sesame); the view positively took our breath away. Perfection is an understatement. We are completely, head-over-heels in LOVE with the Sky Lounge.
Can we live here?
Seriously, we’d move in tomorrow.
The smaller-portioned dishes are meant for sharing, though after your first bite, you might not feel so generous. For us, the sashimi stole the show, but we also thoroughly enjoyed the perch breaded in rice tempura and the fresh féra ceviche. The food was light but satisfying. Paired with the festive cocktails, the whole experience felt like a vacation. Oh, did we mention the view? Sigh.

The Royal Savoy may be a 5* hotel, but the whole ambiance of the Sky Lounge is playful and energetic, which is clearly an extension of the property’s desire to break the old codes of luxury and bring something new to the market. Without sacrificing quality, the Sky Lounge is wonderfully accessible. The prices, while on the higher end, are completely fair. Special touches like the option to choose your own chopsticks or take a picture in the SharingBox signal that the management doesn’t take itself too seriously.

The reason for this may be the Sky Lounge Manager Jasmine, who you might remember from early Caffè Bellini fame. Her energy and passion for travel are evident across the space and the menu. Anyone who remembers the glory days of Caffè Bellini will know exactly what we’re talking about.

If you’re looking for us around apéro time this summer, we recommend starting at the Sky Lounge. We’ll be back again and again to enjoy the sweetest days of the year from our perch atop the city. Cheers!


Betty Bossi, Switzerland’s First Food Influencer

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