June 30, 2020

There’s no doubt, this summer will be a strange one. But just because you’re canceling those flights, or putting your grand travel plans on hold, doesn’t mean you can’t feel whisked away or transported beyond Lausanne–with a simple stroll up to La Cité no less.

Walking into Sardine feels like walking into a holiday. It’s exotic and it’s friendly; it’s a calculated mix between elegant and whimsical with a touch of something slightly offbeat, which is rare and refreshing to find here in Lausanne. Entering into the restaurant, you’re surrounded by greenery and painted tiles of curious tropical species inspired by the stories and illustrations by English naturalist John Reeves. They overlook your table as you sit down; observers as you discover the carefully curated menu.

Of the trio behind Sardine, two are associated with the old Bellini: Julien Colas, the restauranteur, and creator of LITTLE BIG FOOD wanted to create a concept that was offbeat, refined, and joyful. And Julia Christ, known for designing Lausanne’s most trendy (and downright gorgeous) restaurants and bars, who brought Bellini to life almost 10 years ago to the day.

But the third addition to this trio is brand new to Lausanne and is a name you should remember. Alexis le Tadic, who twice worked in two-starred Michelin restaurants, has moved to our city in the hopes of offering us simple and accessible gourmet cuisine. Can we get a yes and amen?

When dining at Sardine, you’ll be struck by how simple (yet sophisticated) the menu is. Only 4 entrees, 4 plats, and 4 desserts–meaning they do what they do, and they do it well. The spirit of the restaurant is thoroughly reflected in its name: which may lead you to ask, why ‘Sardine’?

A sardine is a fish that can be found almost anywhere. It’s unpretentious with a simple appearance, yet it’s so universal it leaves room for creative expression, for imagination. Like a blank canvas, it beckons the chef to pick up the knife, search for surprising flavors, or create unions that would otherwise be considered ‘out of bounds’. And with chef Alex le Tadic holding the knife, I’d say we are in good hands as we explore this unknown territory.

A few TLG Tips:

  • It’s hard to choose between the terrace and the interior, as both have such gorgeous appeal–just know that it’s a win-win either way.
  • Sardine is not only a restaurant, it’s a lovely place for a drink with a fully stocked bar and wine cellar–plus over 40 varieties of gin! For apéro, we recommend starting with the House Spritz (which has a home-made rhubarb syrup and fresh ginger).
  • There is a downstairs cave that is perfect for large parties, or private gatherings. Make sure to check out the artwork, provided from a private collection, which adds a sophisticated yet contemporary feel to the familiar atmosphere.
  • As far as favorite dishes go, it’s hard to go wrong here–but the lamb is absolutely divine.


Rue de la Barre 5, 1003 Lausanne

Reservations by phone: 021 351 24 40


Tuesday-Thursday : 11h-14h30 / 17h30 – midnight

Friday & Saturday : 11h-14h30 / 17h30 – 01h

Sunday & Monday : Closed


May 15-21, 2023