Rush Coffee Co.

January 31, 2017

Let’s just get one thing straight: we hate the cold. And this winter has apparently been one of the coldest winters in THIRTY years here in Switzerland. So when we stumbled upon this delightfully decorated [and teensiest] coffee truck in Place de la Riponne last week, we couldn’t help but sit and enjoy a hot cuppa before tackling our errands for the day. 

Rush Coffee Co. parks its coffee-mobile in Place de la Riponne every Tuesday and Thursday–and we must say, we couldn’t be more ecstatic to see an increase in high-quality, great tasting coffee making its way into Lausanne. The truck, the branding, the menu, the aesthetics– right down to the Edison bulbs that line the barista’s workspace all lend to its hip yet nonchalantly familiar feel. 

Mark and Tiffanie have always been passionate about good coffee, and when they realized there was a need they just decided to fill it (by the way, can you imagine if all of us just got up and filled the gaps we saw in society?! #empowerment). They went off to Bern to take a course on all things coffee, and Tiffanie, with her background in graphic design and interior decorating created the branding, images, and feel that are now Rush Coffee Co. while Mark handles the actual coffee creations.

Mark is friendly, speaks perfect English (those Scandinavians and their perfect English), and whips up a mean Flat White (and hot chocolate for the littles). Their coffee is roasted in Zurich by Stoll Kaffee–a small roastery established in 1936–and the bean they use is 100% arabica from Brasil (think slightly lighter roast with hints of nuts and chocolate).

We asked Mark and Tiffanie a little bit about themselves:

Do you guys have lives outside of the coffee business?

Yes we both have jobs outside of the business, Mark is a freelance illustrator and painter @markmestre_illustrations, he also currently works as a courier for on the side (car importation company). Tiffanie is an interior decorator and graphic designer. She just came back from an intensive graphic design course in New York City in December to join Mark on the truck and is on the hunt for a side job in those fields.

What are your hopes for the coffee culture here in Lausanne for the future? What do you hope Rush Coffee Co. will add to Lausanne?

We really hope that Lausanne will continue to open up to new places and ideas as it has these last couple of months/years. We hope that the coffee culture in Lausanne will keep expanding and in a way become the new happy hour; we would love to use Rush to host events, expositions, and bring artists and creative enthusiasts together. We just want to create a fun, stimulating and chill environment where people want to stay for hours and feel at home. Life is stressful enough as it is so we are trying to make Rush as friendly, fresh and tasty as we can because everyone deserves a little time to themselves and coffee is a good start.

And finally, what to you is the perfect cup of coffee?

The perfect cup of coffee, for us, is a barista that takes the time to source delicious coffee, steams the milk with care and treats his/her equipment with respect so that cup of coffee will be (almost) perfect every time. Getting that cup with a smile and a little latte art makes that experience even better 😉

Thank you to Mark and Tiffanie of Rush Coffee Co. for the warmth–from both the coffee and the people behind that great cup!

Go visit them on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Place de la Riponne and follow them on Facebook to stay up to date.


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