Rainy Days In Lausanne edition 2

April 12, 2016
We know too well that spring is a mixed bag–just earlier this week we were sitting outside at La Grenette in short-sleeved dresses, soaking in the sun. And now, the rain clouds have rolled in and according to the weather app on our phones, it looks like they are here to stay for quite some time. So we decided to round up some of our favorite activities for the days you can’t just sit on a terrace and revel in the glorious surroundings of Lausanne.

Go on coffee/beer/wine dates.

Here are some of our favorite cafés in the city that give off that cozy and welcoming vibe perfect for a rainy day:
Blackbird Coffee & Breakfast Club | We’re regulars here for a reason. The coffee is on-point, breakfast is served all day, and the staff are some of the friendliest in town.
Blackbird Downtown Diner | Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, their big open space, superfood bowls (or burgers) are sure to make your rainy day blues go away.
Culture Café | This could be an all-day hang out spot–go for the double cappuccino in the morning, then let the mouth-watering scents from the kitchen lure you to stay for a long lunch.
Café des Avenues | Big space, lots of tables, and a cozy couch with a reading area. 
Café du Grancy | Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, apéro, coffee…anything goes here. Grab a seat on the comfy sofas, bring a book, or borrow a board game and settle in for the afternoon. 
Bar Tabac | Sometimes we forget we’re in Lausanne and not Paris when sitting in this gem. Grab a corner spot next to the windows and enjoy their fresh mint tea, and once afternoon hits switch to their impressive selection of beer. 
Café de l’Hôtel de VilleLocated right in the heart of Place de la Palud, this kitschy and unpretentious cafe is the definition of cozy. And if you’re hungry, its menu boasts fresh salads and comforting soups and pizzas. Just check the hours, as they are sometimes irregular.
P’tit Bar | There may be only four or five tables inside this very petit bar, but nestled under the Lausanne’s iconic cathedral, it’s a perfect spot to watch the rain from their large windows and sip on hot tea or some of their house-made soup.
Couronne d’Or | We wish we could keep this spot all to ourselves, but it’s too good not to share. A great spot to read the paper and sip on espresso, or grab a beer and play speed Scrabble 😉
Café Mood | This cozy multi-leveled café located in the elegant opera district serves up fresh and delicious food any time of the day.
Sleepy Bear Coffee | Their coffee is some of the best in town, and if you’re lucky enough to snag one of their few seats, it’s a great place to watch the rain through their floor to ceiling windows.

Get Cultured.

Lausanne may be small, but we actually have access to some of the most impressive art collections! Also, it’s important to remember that most museums in Lausanne are free the first Saturday of each month. Here are some of our favorite museums in the city:
Musée de l’Elysée (Photography) | It may be tiny (though it’s going to be completely renovated soon!), but goodness this museum showcases some of the best collections and exhibits. 
Musée Cantonal des Beaux-Arts | From tapestries to paintings to taxidermy animals, this museum has it all (ancient, contemporary, and modern). And it’s a great hit for kids too!
MUDAC | It seems that they always have an exhibit that stops us in our tracks and makes us think. And we love that.
The Olympic Museum | For those who like trivia, or standing in awe at what the human body is capable of, you can spend hours in this museum. Or just bypass the museum part and head upstairs to TOM café to grab something to eat or drink while admiring the grey clouds contrast with the blues of the lake.

Go watch a movie.

We know it’s kind of obvious, but why not just put it out there?
Pathé Les Galleries & Pathé Flon | For Hollywood blockbusters and new releases head on over to one of these theaters.
Le Capitole | For more independent films (though they also show Hollywood blockbusters) or a more intimate/cozy feel, Le Capitole is for you.

Invite friends over and play some games.

We kind of love staying in too. So if you’re in the mood to still be social but don’t want to brave the elements, why not pop some popcorn, open up a few bottles of wine, make a cheese plate, and play some games? Here are some games we are loving right now:
Dutch Blitz | Think of it as the lovechild of Speed & Solitaire. It’s a fast-paced four player game that stretches your multi-tasking capabilities and is perfect for the most competitive among us. Warning, it could get loud. And keep your nails short or there might be blood.
Catchphrase | Like taboo, you try to guess the phrase or word without using any parts of that word. Lots of laughs, especially if you play it with a multi-cultural crowd.
Cards Against Humanity | Not for the politically correct (in fact, choose who you play with very carefully or things can get awkward).
And on a similar note, why not invite your friends over for an at-home wine tasting? We did this awhile ago and had so much fun!
If you’re thinking about hosting a party, check out our article about The Art of Hosting for some useful tips!
Anything else you’d add to our list? We are always looking for more ideas!


Photo by Inge Maria

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