Putting the ‘High’ in ‘Hibernation’

November 3, 2021

As the grey weather and colder temperatures set in, it can be tempting to stay at home and eat copious amounts of melted cheese (and honestly, we aren't judging). But before hunkering down for November and waiting for the snow to arrive (or the spring, if you’re less inclined to ski), the following indoor options are guaranteed to elevate your plans to 'high-bernate' instead.

Yatoo Family Center

Potentially the perfect antidote to rain-induced cabin fever; Yahoo Family Center is the cathartic release that will boost any downcast spirits. Whether it’s bouncing it out on the trampolines, competing on the ninja challenge, or by obliterating a possy of terrifying virtual reality zombies, you’ll certainly leave with aching cheeks from the grin-inducing fun. There’s something suitable for children of all ages too. In fact, it is probably meant for children, but who said they could have all the fun?

The Jump Spot

For another way to find a (literal) natural high, there’s also The Jump Spot; a vast and vibrant trampoline zone conveniently located in central Lausanne. With 150 trampolines over 3,300 M2 it’s a marvellous way to ensure that getting a sweat-on in November is not entirely induced by too much melted cheese consumption! For ages 7 +, prices from 10 CHF for one hour.

Le Cube

Offering 1500m2 of space for indoor climbing, Le Cube is a superb spot for lifting yourself out of a foggy November funk with some bouldering (and beverages.) They offer private or group climbing classes for all levels of ability, and, as if that’s not enough to hoist your spirits, you can après-climb at the bar with Dr. Gab’s on tap. There are also climbing spaces dedicated for kids (6+) and families.


For those missing the clear skies and grassy mountain tops and looking for a different kind of uplifting experience; Switzerland’s first indoor skydiving simulator is just one hour’s drive away and offers a totally unique encounter with gravity (that doesn’t require the 4,000 meters drop off). Plunge into a (super flattering) jumpsuit and navigate your suspended body in a glass tunnel, against 200km/h winds that give you that flying feeling. From 5 years +


If it is more appealing to have both feet on the ground and observe, rather than participate in the flying, climbing and jumping, there’s Papiliorama. Travel the world in a few hours and encounter tropical temperatures and captivating creatures. Mingle with over a hundred species of butterflies, climb into the rainforest canopy and survey the rainbow of birds and mini-beasts, discover the nocturnal worlds of armadillos, raccoons, bats and sloths. When the frigid temperatures settle outside, let the wonders of the natural world warm your heart and lighten your spirits.

TLG tip: Most places are requiring covid19 certificates for entry to their indoor spaces, check the website for the conditions of entry in advance, and where possible book ahead to avoid disappointment.


May 15-21, 2023