Pavillon Bar + Kitchen

July 21, 2016
We were eager to find out if Pavillon would bring something new to the gritty Riponne scene, already so complete with the likes of Grenette and Great Escape, so we called a couple of girlfriends for a lady’s night on the terrace. Our conclusion? Pavillon rounds out Riponne nicely with a great cocktail menu and excellent options for a light meal.

When to go: Apéro. This is a great, central spot to gather with friends after work when you think going out for a “quick drink” could likely mean lingering over good food too.

Who to go with: Friends, co-workers, urbanophiles. Lausanne is a pristine city, so using the word gritty to describe any of its neighborhoods seems a bit ridiculous. However, we’ve heard plenty of people complain that Riponne is too…urban…for their taste. We love it. We highly recommend it. But if the occasional innocent brawl or interaction with society’s more colorful personalities makes you nervous, steer clear.

What to wear: Anything you want. Pavillon seems less hipster than its neighbors, Grenette and Great Escape, which can be refreshing!

What to order:
 We thoroughly enjoyed the pizza and fritto misto. The nice selection of cocktails is another culinary perk.

Pavillon Bar + Kitchen
Place de la Riponne 10

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