Our Favorite Lausanne Chocolatiers

April 12, 2022

In the words of Salvador Dali, “beauty should be edible, or not at all.” More than 100 years after his death, these words still ring true, and there’s nowhere better to discover the merging of art and food than in a Swiss chocolatier. We’ve taken on the difficult job of rounding up our favorite Lausanne chocolatiers, so you know where to head to when you’ve got chocolate cravings.

Noz Chocolatier

Winner of the 2021 Carac Marathon (the first of it’s kind), Noz Chocolatier is known for it’s exceptional artistry and originality. From the Prunoz (a ganache stuffed prune rolled in cocoa) to the chocolate cigar – they have a true flair for innovation in the chocolate world.

Noz Chocolatier Lausanne
© Noz


Manuel Chocolatier has been running since 1845, and with this experience in chocolate making, they’ve produced an impressive selection of chocolate indulgences that you can buy in-store or online. Although they are known for their award-winning chocolates, they also offer a selection of whiskeys, pastries, and savory food in their Lausanne shop.

close up of a box of truffles
© Manuel


Nessi’s range of chocolates includes chocolate figurine animals (perfect for the kids at Easter) and a variety of truffles, barks, and bars all made using fair-trade ingredients and packaged using biodegradable or recyclable materials – ideal for anyone looking to go zero-waste this Easter!

two chocolate figurines of a cockrel and a rabbit
© Nessi

Maison Buet

Half bakery, half chocolatier, with a coffee shop thrown in the mix – Maison Buet does it all. Named ‘Official Chocolate Maker of The City of Lausanne’ for 2019/2020 for the creation of their three-layered chocolate bar inspired by the culinary traditions of the canton of Vaud. Safe to say, they know their stuff when it comes to chocolate.

© Maison Buet


Steeped in heritage, the team at Blondel produces some of the best chocolate in the Lausanne region, all in a small laboratory just behind the chocolatier. They offer a range of high-quality chocolates and have the option to customize your chocolates, ideal for birthdays, celebrations, and holidays.

blondel chocolate lausanne
© Blondel


Arguably one of the best chocolatiers in Lausanne, Durig runs two shops in the city, one of which houses their chocolate laboratory, where their chocolate is hand-crafted on-site using organic, Fairtrade cacao beans. For anyone interested in getting a behind-the-scenes look into the chocolate-making process, they offer a chocolate-making workshop and a tour of the atelier.

durig chocolate lausanne
© Durig


Having recently celebrated its 70th birthday, Jacot offers everything from adorable animal figurines, mini-Easter eggs, truffles, pralines, and spreads, all made on-site and completely palm-oil-free. They also offer tasting sessions for 25 chf where you can sample some of the many varieties of chocolate they offer in-store.

jacot chocolate lausanne
© Jacot


Cadesio brands themselves as chocolatiers on a mission. Founded by three women inspired to create a more sustainable business model, they have created 9 boutique chocolates, each with their own backstory and blend, using sustainably sourced ingredients. Each chocolate supports a different cause with its profits, from curing Alzheimer’s to providing aid to refugees.

cadesio chocolate lausanne
© Cadesio

La Chocolatière

A popular chocolatier in Lausanne, and known for their hot chocolates and pralines, La Chocolatière is the quintessential Swiss chocolatier, perfect for a morning treat on the way to work or to pick up a present for someone special.

chocolate truffles lausanne
© La Chocolatière

L’Espace Chocolatier

This small chocolatier exudes charm and temptation. Crafting their chocolate from bean to bar right in the heart of Lausanne, their selection of chocolates is enough to make anyone drool. If you’re interested in learning the art of chocolate-making yourself, they offer workshops and courses in artisanal chocolate making.

chocolate lausanne lespace
© L'Espace

Which one is your favorite Lausanne chocolatier?

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