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December 9, 2015
Entering this boutique, it’s hard not to get completely captivated by the tiny objects, the plush toys, the beautifully-made garments, and get lost in the creativity that once consumed you as a child. It’s also hard not to buy all.the.things. (even if you don’t have children).
Like most small businesses, Nuage was a concept born out of necessity; Caroline and Diane noticed a need for fashionable children’s clothing and accessories at [read:] an affordable price. We recently paid Caroline a visit (and drooled over her selection) and asked her a few questions about her darling boutique:


1. What inspired you to open a children’s boutique here in Lausanne?
Diane and I have 9 children between the two of us aged from 18 months to 13 years. We both love children’s clothes and accessories. We used to see each other and exchange our children’s clothes on a regular basis and always ended the conversation saying that it was a pity Lausanne didn’t have nice shops that offered delicate yet fashionable clothes for children at an affordable price. In November 2015 having this conversation again we thought we ought to open such a shop but feared we could never find suitable premises with a reasonable rent. This conversation coincided with me visiting Charlotte from Mercerie Ducros (previous tenants) whom I knew. She told me she was leaving her shop. Diane and I visited the shop and both liked it straight away as it was ready to move in and didn’t require any major works.
2. Can you tell us a little bit about the brands you carry and why you choose them?
We always make sure the brands we carry aren’t yet sold in Lausanne and its surrounding areas.
In terms of clothing our main brands are:
  •        Gocco, a Spanish clothing brand which ranges from birth up to age 14. I knew this brand for having bought clothes for my daughter and thought they were very good value for money.
  •        Bobine, a French brand which makes very nice woolen jumpers, cardigans and baby overalls with a nice mix of fabrics including wool and cashmere. They also make very pretty liberty dresses and playsuits in summer as well as fun quality teeshirts
  •        CdeC (Cordelia de Castellane), also a French brand which we only started to sell this fall/winter season. They offer « luxury » clothes at an affordable price. This is our top of the range brand
  •     Thao Van, we have a few items of this small company based in Lyon (France). The designer adopted two children from Vietnam. Her collections very much reflect her passion for Vietnam in terms of shapes (kimono), patterns (home-made), etc.
In terms of accessories we tend to have new brands on a regular basis. Our key ones are :
  •        Minikane (from France) for their amazing doll prams
  •        Jellycat (from the UK) for their gorgeous soft toys
  •        Ratatam, a French quality brand that makes fancy dresses and accessories
  •        Nini la Duchesse, delicate yet trendy handmade music boxes, a variety of other brands for jewellery, small accessories, back packs, melamine plates, bowls and cups, shoes, etc
3. What are some of your favorite items/brands that you carry?

Ratatam fancy dresses and accessories are great: good quality and unique style. In terms of clothing I really like Bobine’s wollen baby overalls because they are so soft, warm and comfortable, and very sweet too.
4. What are some bestsellers? Popular amongst Lausannois?

Minikane doll prams are very popular. Nini la Duchesse’s handmade music boxes (in the shape of a cloud, angel or star) sell very well, especially as a birth present.
5. How long have you lived here in Lausanne? What’s your favorite thing about the city?
I have lived in Lausanne for over 6 years, my colleague Diane has lived here for over 8 years. What we both like about Lausanne is that the city is changing constantly in a positive way. It is little by little catching up with other European cities in terms of food, shopping, lifestyle, etc. There are lots of creative people that bring dynamism to the city.
Thank you so much Caroline for giving us a warm welcome and tour of your boutique! Now off to gather some gifts for the little people in our life.
Rue Marterey 74
Monday-Friday 10am-6pm
Saturday 9am-5pm
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