March 14, 2023

It's been about seven years since Loxton opened its doors and as time passed, it has evolved alongside the ever-changing city of Lausanne. Swapping out its pastel hues and delicate trimmings for low-lit velvet booths, a fully equipped bar and a Parisian-style brasserie menu, its updated concept is much more than its new deco - it has the strength of a talented team with the freedom to express their talents.

A little under seven years ago, the team behind Le Pointu revealed their latest undertaking – another beautiful restaurant importing international trends and influences to Lausanne. Called “Loxton,” the restaurant shared its name with cities in Australia, England, and South Africa – an appropriate moniker for an establishment that described itself as international bistro dining and brought together design influences from the world’s trendiest cities. But as the restaurant grew, the vision became more difficult to define – borrowing inspiration from so many places in some ways diluted their own story and talents. Slowly they fine-tuned their menu and offerings, assessed the creative aspirations of the team, and discovered that what they wanted to bring was a cozy brasserie featuring local producers but also transporting you elsewhere (bonjour Paris) with its vibrant atmosphere. 
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Sitting down with Arthur, one of the co-founders of Loxton and the visionary behind the new concept, it’s clear that he’s a people person with strong convictions. He admits that he sometimes wishes he could distance himself from the work, but for Arthur, it’s that connection that injects ‘the magic’ into the familiar atmosphere he aims to create. “Restaurants are more of a human adventure than a business,” he explains. And the new Loxton is proof of this. From the extremely curated menu that focuses on doing fewer things but doing them well, to the actual physical redesign of the kitchen and bar – it’s clear that the focus is not only on the customers but on the team too. The kitchen has been expanded for his American chef, Danielle Loiola, and the bar has been beautifully rebuilt for his barman Vincent Prunières. “We needed to create a space for the people; a place where the team could express their talents,” he noted. He also spoke about how one of the most important things in a restaurant is consistency; diners can delight in a dish and return to find that it indeed delights again.

Restaurants are more of a human adventure than a business.

And the dishes at Loxton are indeed delightful. It’s clear that the ingredients are cooked with finesse, the drinks are created with sophistication, and the ambiance is thoroughly calibrated. Perhaps it has taken some years, but we are pretty sure that when you ask Arthur and his team about their vision now, it will be a clear response – their own story, in their own words, for their own town of Lausanne.

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​Monday – Thursday: 11:30 – 00:00
Friday: 11:30 – 01:00
Saturday: 10:00 – 01:00
​Sunday: 10:00 – 16:00

Le Pointu

A result of 6 friends who took it upon themselves to repurpose and redefine an iconic space.

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