May 3, 2021

We sat under the canopy of newly budded trees on Avenue Louis Ruchonnet, the dappled light reflected playfully on our cheeky afternoon glass of Chasselas. A glass that we at first denied ourselves because we had such a full day of work, but later, after Omar’s insightful comment about the importance of taking a moment during a hectic day, we looked at one another with a half-smile and a shrug. The wine was ordered. And it was delicious. 

Omar and Sophie aren’t newbies to the restaurant scene. After working at several well known and highly awarded establishments, they decided they wanted to create something that reflected their individual passion and love for cooking and community. They settled into an old printing building of a former newspaper called the Nouvelle Revue de Lausanne, which made us understand and appreciate their name, ‘L’Impression’ — or ‘printing’— a respectful nod to the history and the stories that echoed in the bones of their building. 

A small neighborhood bistro with a flexitarian menu (meaning everyone is welcome, and flavors are just as bold and bright and fresh regardless of whether you order a vegan dish or the lamb), they are open for breakfast, brunch and lunch. We were particularly struck by how simple yet stunning our dishes were. The ingredients were seemingly uncomplicated, yet we could tell that every detail of our dish was thoughtfully curated; paying close attention to what was in season, the marriage of flavors, the combinations of textures, and small finishing touches that made it evident our dish was made with love.

And if you can’t recognize the love in your dish (which, you will), you can certainly feel it as a customer at l’Impression. Omar greets you as if you’re a long-lost friend. He calls many diners by their first names, an obvious sign of the familiarity we all crave in our dining experiences. We felt at ease, we felt cared for, we felt well-fed, we felt as if we could take our time, reclaim this lunch moment as ours. As Omar said, everyone deserves that moment, even briefly, in their day. We’re just glad we got to spend ours at l’Impression.


Avenue Louis-Ruchonnet 15, 1003


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May 15-21, 2023