LG Beauty Tips: Favorite Lipsticks

February 11, 2015
To us, lipstick was always one of those things you put on for special occasions…and when you did, you were spending the evening completely sure that everyone was staring at your lips for ALL THE WRONG REASONS: Is it too dark? Too bright? Do I look like a clown? Is it on my teeth?
It wasn’t until this year, after an Instagram ‘Daily Beauty Dare’ as well as random conversations with other girlfriends who shared the same fear of lipstick, that we decided to be bold and rock lipsticks on the daily. We realized that all of our fears were completely self-constructed, and also found that finding the right lipstick can do wonders for your face (and your mood!). So here are our current favorites:
One: MAC Rebel This is the lipstick that blogger after blogger claim looks good on everyone and we have to admit, they are totally right. From dark skin to super fair, we’ve tested this claim and we were amazed to find that the shade appears different based on the wearer, but every time it looks divine. [Can also be purchased at Globus]
Two: NARS Vera We went to Paris for a girls’ weekend and found that we had forgotten all of our lipsticks at home. After consulting with several associates at Sephora, we settled on this fun hue. It’s got hints of magenta and pink, but is still on the conservative/classy side…plus we just love the magnetic lipstick tube! [Can also be purchased at Bon Genie]
Three: TOPSHOP Plastique Don’t panic, it’s not that pink. It’s enough to add a fresh pop to your lips when you’re looking for a little color, but is still subtle (and matte) enough for you to wear to your morning meeting. We promise, you won’t look like a Barbie (unless you want to).
Four: Bobbi Brown Pink Powder We love that this is multi-purpose–both blusher and lip color. It’s small, convenient to throw in your purse for that touch-up, and such a small amount goes a long way (we’ve had ours for over a year now!). The lip color is more subtle than when using it as blush, but it’s a nice natural look that we love to use daily (though at times, can be slightly sticky). [Can also be purchased at Globus]
Five: MAC Amorous We have a friend in London who is the queen of lipstick; she is a perfect example of confidently wearing lipsticks on a daily basis. Every time we visit her, we raid her stash/pick her brain/buy everything she has. This lipstick is one of her staple hues, so we obviously had to get it. It’s classic with a matte finish, and can be more dramatic depending on the number of coats you apply or how firmly you press. [Can also be purchased at Globus]
What about you? Do you have any favorite shades/brands that we should try?

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