Let’s Go For A Run: Lausanne 20 KM

April 22, 2012

In the English language we have so many different phrases that involve the word ‘run’. There’s ‘running on empty’, ‘running out of time’, ‘running with a different crowd’, or ‘running for office.’ But all of these phrases avoid the true implications of the word ‘run’. What comes to mind when we isolate the word ‘run’? It becomes central, non-negotiable, and to many, it becomes a word associated with fear, dread and of course, inevitable pain. But when you ask a Lausannois about the word ‘run’, you add an entirely new element of pain: the hills. Running on a flat path is of course, still running; you have to push yourself, find your rhythm, test your endurance, and habitually train yourself to take it one stride further every time. But when you add an incline to the mix, it changes everything. The dull burn you once felt in your thighs now becomes an intense and sharp ache, the breathing pattern you finally mastered is all of a sudden not getting enough air to your lungs, and the flawless form reflected from shop windows (we all know we peek at ourselves once in awhile) turns into a contorted Quasimodo-esque hobble.

But somehow residents of Lausanne and outsiders alike, flock to the city sidewalks every year in April, and they run those hills in the Lausanne 20KM. This race is unlike others in the area, as Lausanne has been granted the nickname of “the San Francisco of Switzerland” due in large part to the number and severity of its hills. This race begins in Ouchy and eventually climbs its way to the top of the city near the Cathedral. The total ascent is about 400 meters, the highest grade at 26%. The course weaves within the city, joining runners with the daily life of the streets; crowds cheering as they enjoy their afternoon café renversés or go about their weekend errands. Whether you’re an amateur runner looking for a challenge, or a die-hard veteran one thing is true: The Lausanne 20KM is a perfect marriage between sport and culture…but what else would you expect from the Olympic capital of the world?

Looking for a new pair of running shoes especially made for you? The Lausanne Guide recommends “New Concept Sports” located in Épalinges. Here the running specialists will complete a thorough analysis of your running gait, strides, pressure points, etc. using video analysis and state of the art equipment. Also bring in your old running shoes so they can take a look at the wear pattern to help with their analysis. Although prices will be higher than Oschner or Athleticum, you are guaranteed to have the best shoe for you (which is important as this can help avoid short-term discomfort but also long-term injuries). More information on their website http://www.ncsports.ch/site_NCS.html

Make sure to call ahead and schedule a consultation: +41 21 784 34 44
Route de la Croix-Blanc
CH 1066 Épalinges

Happy running, and perhaps we will see you this weekend as we tackle the hills of the Lausanne 20KM! If we can do it, you certainly can.

More information on the Lausanne 20KM here: http://www.20km.ch/cms/


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