Les Arches | Bar-Terrasse

July 2, 2015
Les Arches is one of those bars we’d walked passed maybe a million times before deciding to stop in. Located *literally* under the arches of Lausanne’s Grand Pont and perched at a slightly higher vantage point over the Place de l’Europe, it’s about as central as you can hope to be in town and provides one of the best people watching spots you can find.

So what caused us to finally give it a try?

The frozen margaritas.

We have a disproportionate amount of Texans in our group of friends, and someone had heard that Les Arches was particularly accomplished in making our cultural drink of choice, so we had to investigate…

Margaritas are to Texas what Chasselas is to this part of Switzerland. A little bit of a stretch? Perhaps, but the point stands nonetheless. We love our margs and we take them very seriously. And, dear friends, we were NOT disappointed.Better yet, we had a chance to experience the urban grit and charm of this public space turned bar. The crowd was eclectic and relaxed, and the view on Lausanne’s Flon district gave the impression of being in one of Europe’s larger more metropolitan cities rather than a mid-sized Swiss town.

When you’re looking for something outdoor, with a bit of edge and excellent drinks, Les Arches is definitely one of the best we’ve found. And while many of the cafés in town close up before midnight during the week, Les Arches keeps later hours, so the party doesn’t have to stop just because the sun has gone down.

Also, if you see a group of loud talking Texans on their third round of margaritas… that’s us. Sorry in advance. 😉

Les Arches Lausanne

Place de l’Europe


August 15-21, 2022

July 25-31, 2022