Le Sleek

October 18, 2022

Le Sleek is a highly curated selection of preloved pieces in a contemporary style. Only seeking out the highest quality materials and brands, Anke is aiming to create positive impact with style right here in Lausanne.

Anke leads the way to the front door of her shop, balancing coffee and a cardamom bun in one hand and keys with another. She smiles as she unlocks the door and pushes it open to reveal a bright and industrialized space, monochromatic clothing juxtaposed with the smooth cement floors and white walls. Against all odds, the space feels cozy – familiar and intimate – with a corner to sit, sip on coffee from next door, chat, and shop casually.

Le Sleek was born out of a personal desire and need. Anke’s many years in the fashion industry, specifically as a buyer who oversaw seasons of trends, revealed the common issue with fast fashion. While cheap and temporarily fulfilling the thrills of being on trend, it was, of course, not the most sustainable way of shopping. With an eye for design and knowledge about high-end designer pieces, Anke wondered if there was a market for high-quality highly curated pre-loved pieces to be sold to clients who were interested in these capsule designer items but at a fraction of the cost (being second-hand).

corner at le sleek

Browsing the selection at Le Sleek, it’s obvious that Anke has a trained eye. A first glance, it’s hard to tell that any of these items are second-hand. The flow of the pieces, the quality and cuts, and the color composition – there’s a sense that all of these work together, as if they are part of a greater collection. Carefully selected, it feels as if you’ve had a private personalized shopper choose pieces for the dreamiest capsule closet. The garments look and feel timeless, iconic brands that could easily be forever pieces in your wardrobe.

I compliment Anke on her venture and she’s generous to share the spotlight with others. She tells me about future collaborations with eco-beauty brands and sustainable jewelers. It’s obvious that Le Sleek is about so much more than fashion: it’s a purposeful lifestyle…but one where you can look pretty damn good (and feel good too) as you’re living it out. 

coffee table

Le Sleek pop-up store will be open until December 20. We highly recommend stopping by Bel-Air coffee right next door, grabbing a coffee and cardamom bun, then heading over to Le Sleek to find your next treasure. You can also follow Le Sleek on Instagram to stay updated and to see pieces in their curated collection. We’ve got our eye on a few items and hope they’re still there when we go back, but we know these tend to go fast. 

Le Sleek Pop Up

Rue de Terreaux 6

Current hours*:

Tuesday – Friday: 11h-18h

Saturday: 10h-17h

*hours are subject to change, follow them on Instagram or check out their website to stay up to date


Sometimes the best answer is actually in the question itself. Discover this Swiss brand revolutionizing the fashion industry one bag at a time.

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