Le Perroquet

August 3, 2018

Move over minimalism. This Lausanne resto-bar is flamboyant, eclectic, and utterly fabulous. Le Perroquet opened its doors last week, and just as we hoped, this exotic bird is one of a kind in these parts.

Taking inspiration from a Victorian parlor room, plush velvet, oriental rugs, and hypnotizing florals abound. But don’t be mistaken, there’s nothing stuffy about this place. Instead, the space transports you with a confidence that borders on swagger – and then serves you a gin and tonic with a wink.

We love the romantic, cozy ambiance and can’t wait to sidle up next to our dates this winter while sipping whisky from etched crystal tumblers. Or, to gather for a girls’ night to sample the varieties of gin and tonic on the cocktail menu.

The food menu offers a few favorites at affordable prices, but also takes the risk to offer bold flavor combinations we haven’t seen elsewhere in town. On our first visit, we lunched on a pastrami and cheddar melt sandwich, a goat cheese salad with mixed greens, blueberries, purple onion and a honey vinaigrette, and an open-face hummus, roasted veggie, and chicken sandwich. Each dish was beautifully presented and even more beautiful to eat.

We’ll be heading back soon for an evening to taste the coquillages, beef tartar, and especially the bao sticky pork sandwich. And for breakfast to try the homemade ham croissant.

In a world that seems dominated by Scandinavian purity and hues of gray, Le Perroquet has the audacity to unfurl its wings, strut its stuff, and simply be different. We think you’re going to love it.

Le Perroquet
Ruelle du Flon 4
1005 Lausanne
Wednesday – Thursday: 8am – 1am
Friday – Saturday: 8am – 2am
SUNDAY: 8am – 1am


Betty Bossi, Switzerland’s First Food Influencer

March 20-26, 2023