Le Non-Stop in Lutry

April 14, 2015
It was kind of a bizarre circumstance, where in the span of one week four different people asked us if we had been to Le Non-Stop. After that, we couldn’t resist…we had to find out what the buzz was about. So we hopped in the car one rainy Sunday afternoon and came face-to-face with a little Americana right here on Lake Geneva.

Nestled on a little cobblestoned street in the old town of Lutry, Le Non-Stop is a known for their friendly service, refreshing beer, and a large menu boasting a variety of burgers, salads, and…wait for it…onion rings. We aren’t huge fans of onion rings, but it was so American that we had to order some. The verdict? The breading to onion ratio was anything but equivalent…and we loved every greasy bite.


This place is anything but pretentious. The walls of Le Non-Stop are covered in American paraphernalia; Route 66 road signs and even old (and obscure) Obama campaign posters clutter the walls. The menus are handwritten in chalk, and there’s a mutual feeling of familiarity amongst the waitstaff and the patrons. It’s a casual joint, on the edge of being a dive, but in all the right ways.

The burgers were fantastic, but with such great burgers in Lausanne it won’t necessarily be just the burgers that will encourage us to return. It’s the fact that they serve delicious burgers that you can eat on a Sunday. That’s right, Le Non-Stop (much like its name suggests) is open seven days a week from 11am until 11pm. If that doesn’t make you giddy, we aren’t sure what will.






Le Non-Stop Burger Bar
Monday-Friday 11am-11pm
Rue Verdaine 3, 1095 Lutry
00 41 21 791 14 45



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