Le Contretemps: A Summer with LoveChick

July 26, 2018

Le Contretemps is one of those special places, where every single time we take a seat on its lovely terrace, watch our kids run across the perfectly manicured green lawn towards the playground, and gaze out onto the turquoise green waters of the Lake while sipping our sparkling rosé, we look at one another and think why the heck do we not come here every.single.weekend?

So when we heard about their new summer menu, but also a special collaboration with LoveChick (who boasts a unique BBQing system that produces some of the most healthy and most tasty chicken in town), we knew we had to make our way to Territet. And as usual, the experience did not disappoint.

Territet may be *a bit* of a commute for some of you who prefer to stay in Lausanne. But when you’re talking about insane views matched with insane flavors, we think the (short) distance may not matter as much.

Let us break it down for you: imagine some of the most tender, fall-off-the-bone, perfectly seasoned and grilled local chicken. What if we added in the fact that this was also some of the healthiest local chicken; cooked without smoke, coals, or even oil? Pair it with one of the best views Swiss Romande can offer, and we’re thinking we may have you convinced (unless you’re a vegetarian, of course…if that’s the case, keep scrolling down for the views).

For the summer up until mid September, LoveChick will be nesting next to Le Contretemps. So even if you haven’t reserved a table on the restaurant’s terrace, you can grab some finger-lickin chicken, a side of local roasted potatoes, and head off to a nearby bench, or just take a stroll along the waterfront while enjoying this meal to-go.

The chicken and potatoes were a HUGE hit for our kids–they were super tender, packed a minor kick which we all enjoyed, and generously portioned. 

And if you’re lucky enough to get a spot on this highly coveted terrace, make sure to sample a few bites from their summer menu. Each dish always seems to come out with a different surprise “wow” factor, and they are fresh and flavorful.

So if you’ve never found your way to Le Contretemps, or if you have yet to visit them this season, there is more incentive than ever to head over to one of the most peaceful and idyllic spots on the Lake. After eating LoveChick’s tasty and healthy chicken, grab an ice cream (because your meal was so healthy, you can totally indulge in dessert) and take a walk along the promenade. Soak it in–this is what Swiss summers are made of.

Le Contretemps

Rue de Bon-Port 2, Territet 1820

021 963 50 50

Open 10am-11pm

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