Le Charlot

April 12, 2016
With the opening of the new Charlie Chaplin museum, “Chaplin’s World”, this week, as well as the more consistent spring-like weather, we decided it would be a good time to talk about our favorite sandwicherie in Lausanne, Le Charlot.
My history with Le Charlot goes way back to when I first moved to Switzerland and worked close to Vevey. I had a single day every week when I was allowed a “free lunch” to go off campus (I taught at an international school) and without fail, I would almost always end up at this tiny sandwich shop in the main square of Vevey. It didn’t matter that the line would be out the door, or that ordering was chaotic, or that they only took cash (though this has changed, hurray!); my heart was set on this cheap, customizable, freshly made, delicious sandwich that came piping hot out of the oven.
When we got news late last year that they were opening a location in Lausanne, my heart skipped a beat. We know you can get sandwiches pretty much anywhere. We also know that sandwiches are probably the least sexy lunch you can have. BUT YOU GUYS. Have you tried the BoumBoum? Or the dozens of other made-to-order specialties that Le Charlot offers? There’s something incredible about having something quick, customizable, but also made right in front of you that differentiates this sandwich shop from the rest. No more choosing from a small selection of sandwiches that have probably been sitting there for hours on end.
You can also choose a hot or cold sandwich, and a 1/3 baguette or 1/2 (which is generously portioned). Honestly, it’s tough for us to finish an entire sandwich–but we always leave room for their insane chocolate muffin because why not.
Thanks Eleni from Eleni Eyebrows for being such a great sandwich model 😉

As the weather begins to warm up, we would highly recommend adding Le Charlot to your lunchtime menu. If you’re looking for something quick, fresh, custom-made, cheap, & delicious–this place marks the spot.

Le Charlot
Place St. Laurent 8
1003 Lausanne
Open 7 days a week!


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