Lausanne’s Award-winning Wines Have a New Name and New Online Store

June 29, 2021

“Wine is an act of generosity,” explained Enrico Antonioli the winemaker responsible for the City of Lausanne’s biodynamic domains in La Côte as he poured us another glass of crisp chasselas.

We’d gathered to learn more about the City of Lausanne’s project to renew and reinvigorate its wine production. In the name of research, sniffed, swirled and sipped our subject from a dramatic vantage point at the historic Clos des Abbayes in Dézaley. We’re not wine experts, but with awards like the 2021 Gold Medal for Best Chasselas in the World, Falstaff’s Best Red Wine in Lavaux 2018, and GaultMillau’s 25 Best Wine Makers in Vaud, we know we’re in good company when we say: It was delicious.

Among the changes announced this year, the city is evolving its name away from the more generic “Les Vins de Lausanne” to “Les Domaines de la Ville de Lausanne.” It’s a detail that most consumers won’t register, but signals a desire to highlight the particularities of each of the city’s five domains across La Côte and Lavaux.

Behind the new name, we find not only excellent wines but also the passion, love, and generosity of the men and women who have contributed to the continuity of the label since 1536.

What's New for 2020?

The 2020 vintages are available in two different ranges, the more classic flavors with historic labels that were previously only available at auction and the modern “L” line that offers contemporary blends and tastes. The “L” line also introduced a lovely and accessible orange wine. Close your eyes and try the aptly named “Comme un Rouge,” and you won’t be sure if you’re drinking a white or a red. It’s a curiosity, lightly effervescent and easy to drink with the hint of something unusual.

Finally, in order to make it easier to drink like the true Lausannois that we are, the city has set up an online shop to make ordering from their production as easy as possible.

Santé, friends!


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