Lausanne Hotel: Staycation at Maison d’Igor in Morges

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June 18, 2015

It’s that time of year where the office small talk almost invariably arrives at the question of summer escapes, exotic destinations and relaxation – it’s vacation time! But every year the same little remorse nags at us as we book our flights and pack our suitcases, the teal-colored hue of the Lake and the soaring mountain pastures just a glance out our windows…

Why all this going, people?!

Summer in Switzerland is the sweetest of seasons, and there is no shortage of beautiful hotels in Lausanne. Sometimes rather than vacating, we just want more stay-cating. Did you see what we did there?

People come from across the world to spend their vacation time soaking up the beauty of our Lakefront and the freshness of our air, so perhaps some of the best getaways don’t require getting away at all!

A few weeks ago, we were invited by a charming B&B in Morges, Maison d’Igor, to come and test their property, and we jumped at the opportunity to give our staycation theory a go. Is it really possible to go on vacation in your own city?

The house is a beautifully restored maison de maître, built in the typical Swiss style. It borrows its name from its most illustrious resident, Igor Stravinsky, who lived and composed many of his pieces within its walls. Although located right in the center of Morges with many of its weekly guests being traveling executives from the various multinationals in the neighborhood, the property includes beautiful gardens and a restaurant veranda, making it rather idyllic despite its urban setting and perfect for a weekend getaway from Lausanne.

The house itself is worth the 15-minute drive from Lausanne. The 2012 renovations were undertaken with the utmost care and attention to the original architectural details. Modern amenities coexist perfectly with historic charm, which is a sweet spot we’re particularly fond of. If you enjoy history, be sure to reserve the room where Stravinsky would lock himself away to compose or ask to see the hidden nooks behind panels in the dining room.

Yes. Yes, it is…

Photo by Morges Tourism

Although a B&B, Maison d’Igor serves more than just breakfast. In fact, dinner in the restaurant was one of the highlights of our stay. The food was delicious and our spot on the veranda overlooking the garden was so relaxing and romantic. We love that together with the spacious rooms, the beautiful grounds and the proximity to Morges, the restaurant makes Maison d’Igor a destination in and of itself. Our stay came during a particularly busy period for my husband and me, so the ability to slip away for a night, catch up, sleep in and just take it easy was a welcomed treat.

For a quick but refreshing retreat, we’d suggest reserving on a Friday night. You can arrive after work and get settled into your room before enjoying a fabulous meal either on the veranda or in the classy dining area. Then after a lazy Saturday morning, head out to the bustling Morges market or stroll along the waterfront. If you want to make a full day of it, grab the boat from the harbor and head across the Lake to Yvoire, France, a little medieval town famous for its picturesque streetscapes.

One caveat worth noting is that because the B&B is truly downtown, you still have the usual sounds of the city. However, this didn’t bother us – in fact, the contrast of the gardens and the city and the access that this provides to both relaxation and activity was a strong point.

We definitely hope to visit the Maison d’Igor again sometime soon for dinner or a weekend staycation!

Maison d’Igor
Rue Saint Domingue 2
1110 Morges
+41 (0)21 803 06 06


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