Lausanne à Table 2022 Program is live!

May 19, 2022

by Clara Jannet

Over cafés, croissants, madeleines (big and small, chocolate and nature…so many choices!), cookies, Kouign-amanns, delicious and refreshing specialty drinks, a bunch of journalists and food people got the scoop (we’ll circle back to ice-cream later) on Lausanne à Table’s 2022 program. We are here to pass on what we heard, hoping that you are not reading this on an empty stomach.

We’ve been waiting patiently and now it’s here! After two years of a reduced version of events, the 2022 program of Lausanne à Table was just released and wow! It’s going to be a good season for foodies. Or actually for just about anyone who eats. The various events take place from May to December and includes more than 40 events and 150 dates.

Lausanne à Table is a non-profit organisation established in 2014. The very first year, they organised 9 food events, bringing together people who have a passion for food, and a curiosity to discover new tastes, new places and new people. Their mission was and continues to be to organise events that are open to the public, connecting people through food.  

Lausanne is lucky enough to have gotten used to the yearly MIAM Festival and after a two-year hiatus, Lausanne à table announced that it’s back! And what’s more, it’s right around the corner! More than 50 food trucks and stands will gather on Place de la Riponne for the long weekend from June 4th to June 6th. Concerts, ateliers and various animations will be available (and free!) for all ages.

This year there are a couple of notable events that are worth taking a closer lick at (ooops, sorry, a closer look at). Some ambitious people in Lausanne do the Patrouille des Glaciers, but personally I would much rather participate in this year’s Parcours des Glaciers. During the summer months, you can stroll around and taste some of the best artisanal ice-cream that Lausanne has to offer. And you can vote for your favorite. Not quite as intimidating as the Patrouille but just as impressive.

Another event called Déjeuner sur l’herbe will take place the weekend after schools open. It will be a DIY picnic on the Esplanade de Montbenon (the view!). Various stands of local producers will set up shop and you can pick and choose your picnic components from the amazing products that Lausanne à Table’s members offer.

2022 is also the year dedicated to inclusivity for Lausanne à Table, who propose an increasing number of intergenerational and intercultural events. More and more events are open to children, some being exclusively for kids (check out the culinary summer camps if you still don’t know what to do with your kids this summer, or the event Sauvage en famille for a fun day participating in a treasure hunt, discovering and cooking with wild plants.) Another event, a dinner at a local chefs’ house, is conceived for the senior population. Half the seats will be reserved for senior citizens while the rest will be for the public. For the participants, it’s an opportunity to meet a Chef and experience a convivial and intergenerational moment in a warm and intimate atmosphere. Other events promote cross-cultural exchanges through food.

Brunches at farms, local wine and beer tasting, regional food tours, cycling and pizza eating, chocolate hikes, garden parties, brunches combined with sports, taste-testing Lausanne’s historic cafés …There is something for everyone this year.

Check out their new and improved website for the full program, and we would suggest that you sign up quickly. Spots go fast…comme des petits pains.

Lausanne à Table

Check out the 2022 program here

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