La Soirée Parfaite | Hotel des Trois Couronnes

June 13, 2017

Do you ever feel like you need a holiday from your holidays? We know, we know [insert eye roll here]. But after 27-hours of transatlantic travel with two very tired children (AND a stomach bug during the entire journey to top it all off), we were MORE than ready for a little bit of mid-week luxury. So when we were given the opportunity to test out La Soirée Parfaite at the gorgeous Hotel des Trois Couronnes in Vevey, we said yes yes yes. “A perfect evening” sounds like exactly what we need.

Hotel des trois couronnes à Vevey

Hotel des trois couronnes Spa

Spa hotel les trois couronnes

For the months of June & September, Hotel des Trois Couronnes is offering a package where you and your date can unwind from the day at the Puressens Spa, then mosey upstairs to their Michelin- starred restaurant for a three-course gastronomic dinner.

The offer is during the weekday–Tuesday or Wednesday–which was actually such a delightful break in tradition from our normal Friday or Saturday evening dates. In some ways, it almost felt more indulgent–like, was this much luxury & relaxation even allowed on a weekday? If not, we are happy to break the rules…over and over again.

It was a little slice of heaven, heading straight to the spa after a long day of work; catching up about our days while the bubbles & jets of the jacuzzi released a few knots in our backs. There was something so necessary about sitting in silence in the steam room, inhaling the eucalyptus  and watching the glow from the colorful ceiling lights dance. Or lounging with tea in hand, reading an article slowly (because we can), and every once in a while, allowing ourselves to be distracted by the gorgeous view just outside. We decided At that moment that we actually love Tuesdays.

Hotel des trois couronnes Restaurant

Hotel des trois couronne restaurant

But then we went upstairs for dinner. And love became a restrained word for what we ended up experiencing. Everything from the limited-production & mouthwateringly complex Sicilian olive oil right up to the most exquisite blue lobster topped with roe from Lac Leman–with each dish we felt further and further removed from the busyness that is life…if for a moment, we had escaped into a refuge of complete relaxation followed by foodie heaven.

Honestly one of the best parts of the evening (besides being blown away by each course) was to interact with the servers, the manager, and the sommelier at the Hotel des Trois Couronnes. The way they discussed each ingredient, each dish, each wine was inspiring; as if they were discovering this for the first time too.

To book your own soirée parfaite (which, you guys, is Chf. 145.- per person* INCLUDING the spa access…raised hands emoji) send an email to or call +41 (0)21 923 33 00

Don’t you think it’s about time you treated yourself to a bit of mid-week luxury too? 😉

Hotel des Trois Couronnes

Rue d’Italie 49

CH-1800 Vevey

La Soirée Parfaite; Tuesdays & Wednesdays

*drinks not included in the price


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