Kizuku Café

March 15, 2017

It was almost 2pm on a Sunday, and everyone was hangry. Not hungry…hANGRY. We meandered the streets of Vevey, ready to eat anything that resembled food when we were struck by the interior design of this cute café. There was a spot right in the window, and the kitchen was still open, so we settled in. 

Turns out Kizuku Café specializes in hot dogs–but luckily for us, these aren’t your run-of-the-mill-slap-a-weiner-in-a-bun-and-call-it-a-day hot dogs. These are about as gourmet as you’re going to get…anywhere.  With the standard hot dog, you get all the garnishes available: honeyed sauerkraut, avocado, shallots, lettuce, tomatoes, mayonaise, ketchup, and mustard. Pair it with a side of nachos (seriously, that guac was amazing), a cold beer, and we were in lunchtime heaven.

 The interior of the café is cozy & welcoming; a lounge in the back boasts couches & armchairs, a TV, VHS movies (!), books & games etc. We had some fun with a wooden memory game while we waited for our food to come out.
And it’s no wonder the design and detail of the café is spot-on…just next door is Kizuku, the interior design shop with gorgeous items and a huge variety of brands (like ferm–who made the memory game we were playing).

One of the best parts? Just after a scrumptious lunch, the boardwalk is waiting for you to take a stroll and take in the sights. We approve on all fronts.

Kizuku Café

Rue du Lac 35, 1800 Vevey

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