November 18, 2021

Written Clara Jannet, Photograph by Jagoda Wiśniewska

Originally from Neuchâtel, Jorge was once in the restaurant business. Before that, it was hotels and before that, discotheques. Before clubs, it was the music industry. And before producing records, he was involved in museums. And before museums, business school. Are you getting the picture? A well-known local figure, Jorge can be seen at almost every cool event in Suisse Romande. Easily recognizable by his astute fashion sense (when we met him, he was wearing a coveted pair of Lidl tennis shoes), Jorge has an easy-going attitude, an open smile and one perfectly raised eyebrow whenever a camera is pointed in his direction.

The Man

In 2010, Jorge launched a blog, which was more like an online magazine (formally known as ‘webzines’) called JSBG, his initials (Jorge S. B. Guerreiro). His blog touched on everything from fashion to cars and watches, art and luxury goods, music, design and travel. It was hugely successful. At its peak, it was read by hundreds of thousands of people. After a while, at least from the readers’ perspective, it seemed that Jorge was starting to focus more energy and time into cars and watches. Through his Instagram account, one could vicariously take formula one test drives on famous racetracks and wear watches that look like they came straight off Cannes’ red carpet. There was a very James Bond feeling to it all. Jorge began speaking at conferences, teaching classes, and writing for print magazines and online publications, adding to his notoriety and credibility.

The Store

And then, in 2019, Jorge decided to open a brick and mortar store. Not with fancy watches, but a store dedicated to local Swiss design. Thus, JSBG Store came into being. The concept is to feature local Swiss design and artisanal creation: jewelry, stationary, accessories, natural wines and spirits, ceramics, fashion, books and more. Located on a street tucked away below Place du Tunnel, the store is small and cozy. With colorful patterned wallpaper and design furniture, JSBG Store feels like a place where you want to linger; every detail and object is worth a long look and careful consideration.

The initial idea was to rotate what he was showing every two or three months: each new selection would be promoted with an event. Unfortunately, a certain pandemic happened and his plans for the store were derailed. Jorge, like many small business owners in the past two years, had to pivot. He launched an online shop to promote and sell the designers and artisans he believes in and took on some other jobs as well. Local clothing brand Collection 66 took over the back of the store, giving it a more fashion-oriented vibe. While still manning the store, Jorge has gone back to print journalism. He is now editor-in-chief of the Swiss edition of a high-end car magazine called RoadBook.

What will be next for Jorge and for the growing JSBG empire? The possibilities are endless and we can’t wait to find out.

JSBG Store

Rue des Deux-Marchés 13, 1005

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