Improving on a Classic at Café des Philosophes

October 27, 2022

Bottle Brothers Lausanne, otherwise called Café des Philosophes, has always been something of an enigma on the Lausanne food scene. Known for its uncompromisingly artisanal cocktails (where everything – except the spirits – is homemade) and inventive menu of upscale and reimagined brasserie-style food, the team behind the concept has decided to set the record straight on the name, bring in a new, inspired chef from Paris, spiff up the interior, and push the rocker soul of the space to new levels.

What's in a name? A lot, really.

First of all, let’s get this straight – it’s Café des Philosophes. Although owned by the same group that brought Bottle Brothers to Geneva and referred to as Bottle Lausanne on their website (perhaps therein lies the confusion…), the team behind the restaurant very much wants to keep the historic name. While the Vaudois capital may not be known for our contributions to philosophy, who doesn’t love the idea of gathering in an intimate dining setting, over wine or craft cocktails and debating the existential questions of life?

In the kitchen at Café des Philosophes

New chef and manager Aldwin Beets arrived at the end of last year, bringing with him gastronomic experience from the French capital. You may have heard of a few of his former bosses – do Alain Passard, Alain Ducasse, or Guy Savoy ring a bell? From these higher echelons of the gastronomic elite, he set off on his own to create concepts that honored the rigor and quality he’d trained in, while taking a fresh and inventive approach to classic dishes. We saw this first hand over our pumpkin soup with a verbena reduction or the surprising (and delicious) sweet and sour sauce with our beef – the fig oil honey and yuzu complemented the meat in ways we couldn’t have expected.

The space at Café des Philosophes

The Café des Philosophes interior has always had a gritty quality to it, distinctly and uniquely urban. Even now, with its new bright green ceiling and colorful modern art, it maintains its authentic edge and alternative quality. What’s really new – or old, depending on how you look at it – is the (re)opening of the nightclub in the basement. From last weekend, you can head downstairs to CACTUS and enjoy the dance floor and DJ set from 10pm.

Café des Philosophes

1 Place Pepinet
1003 Lausanne


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