Hotel Royal Savoy Lausanne

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March 17, 2016

A couple of weeks ago we had the amazing opportunity to spend the weekend at the newly renovated Hotel Royal Savoy. This hotel has been under construction since we’ve moved to Switzerland (six years ago!), so you can imagine the buzz when they finally opened their doors at the end of last year. The verdict? We left feeling completely enamored with the new hotel–especially by one aspect that seems to be missing from many of the 5-star hotels we’ve had experience with.
Let’s face it. We’re pretty spoiled in Lausanne having our choice of some phenomenal hotels in the city (the terrace and spa at The Beau-Rivage, The Habana Bar and LP’s live music at the Palace, the location of Chateau d’Ouchy). And when you walk into such a hotel, you hold a certain expectation; you create a certain set of standards by which you measure the worth of paying that mark-up for your evening cocktail.
Cool fact: The corridors at the Savoy were kept to their original width during the renovation, which links back to the 1890s when the halls had to accommodate the width of women’s dresses and trains.
A standard room at the Savoy
Gorgeous design and attention to detail make this a special place
At the Hotel Royal Savoy, the standards are set high, just as they are at any other luxury hotel. But if you look beyond the beautiful melange of art-deco design with the original Arabic architectural touches, beyond the mouth-watering menu created by world renown Michelin-starred chef Marc Haeberlin, beyond the most incredible (and necessary) pre-natal massage, beyond the skillfully crafted cocktails, or the luxurious rooms outfitted with stunning views, your personal Nespresso machine, and rainfall showers–if you look beyond all of that, you’ll find something truly special about the Hotel Royal Savoy: the personnel.
This is a sign of good management. It’s a sign that the people who work at the Hotel Royal Savoy feel comfortable being themselves. It’s a sign that they genuinely love their job, and they’re damn good at it too. And for us, it was a perfect balance of 5-star service without the dose of pretentiousness or ostentation that makes us feel just a little bit uncomfortable (because who are we kidding? We aren’t the kind of people who stay at these places regularly…or like, ever).  Accessible luxury: now this is something we can get behind.
Enjoy Afternoon Tea every Sunday with a selection of sweet & salty delights
We aren’t really sure what they put in their baguettes, but this bread (and the butter) was on the mind for quite some time after.
The Brasserie, with a large selection of traditional & local dishes with a modern touch
The buffet breakfast was generous and delicious–we especially loved the fresh-squeeze juices available in individual glass bottles.
The ‘Corridor of Senses’ with a mosaic tile homage to local regions on the floor, and floor to ceiling glass refrigerators that display the local wines and meats that can be sampled at the Brasserie.
A large selection of cigars to be enjoyed in their cigar lounge.
Lake Léman crayfish mousseline–one of the tastiest creations we’ve had in awhile!
Pigeon wrapped in cabbage and puff pastry
The famous “La Pêche Haeberlin–candied peach, Champagne zabaione, and pistachio ice cream
A selection of home-made sorbets (our favorites were the lemon basil and the raspberry rose)
So we want to thank the staff and management at the Hotel Royal Savoy for letting us indulge in a luxurious weekend, but also making us feel welcome and comfortable enough to come back as regulars to a familiar environment. In fact, we’ve already gone several times to grab a drink with friends (with kids in tow!),  plan on dining at the brasserie for a special date night, and will be back again this weekend to celebrate a birthday.  (And come summer 2016, we cannot wait to frequent the Sky Lounge–the only 360 degree rooftop bar of Lausanne).
Avenue d’Ouchy 40
1006 Lausanne
Telephone + 41 21 614 88 88
Telefax + 41 21 614 88 78
Follow them on Facebook to keep track of events and happenings.

More info about other types of reservations here or book directly online here.


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