Happy Booth

March 5, 2019

The year was 2013. We were so proud to have had a whole year of The Lausanne Guide under our belts, and we wanted to celebrate. We decided to throw a One Year Birthday Party, and asked our friend Bertrand (who was managing Le Comptoir at the time) if he could co-host with us. While planning the event, a thought popped up in our mind about having a makeshift Photo Booth–wouldn’t that be such a fun way to encourage interaction but also have some amazing mementos from those who joined us for that evening? So we spent hours acquiring props, printing and laminating signs, and set up our camera on a tripod in the corner of the room. A very makeshift Photo Booth indeed. While the idea was great, and the photos we have from that evening so precious, we had to keep half an eye on the tripod the entire night to make sure it wasn’t being kicked over, that people knew how to focus and take the photo, ensure the flash was working, and the list goes on.

Our 1 year birthday party with home-made props 😉

Flash-forward to today.

We heard about Happy Booth, a Lausanne-based company, through a few friends, and then had contact with its founder, Jessica Benoit. She and her husband, David, loved the idea of photo-booths at parties; the energy they could generate, and their ability to bring joy to just about any event and for any age group. But there was a big downside–they were predictable. You sit down, you count down, then strike a pose. The photo is printed (most of the time, just once) and you’re done.

Jessica and David knew they could create something so much more dynamic and interactive. And thus, Happy Booth was born. The first interactive photo-booth in Switzerland.

Happy Booth isn’t just a photo-booth. It’s an interactive mirror with touch-screen capabilities, customizable settings (personal logos? watermarks? go for it), and a personal host (the voice of the mirror) who speaks to you and guides you through your experience. You can even create animated GIFs that are sent straight to your phone, and of course there’s the option to print photos for every single person in your group. With built-in games (screaming contests, anyone?) and personalized props, it quickly becomes a magical part of any party. And one of the best parts is it’s still a small (and local!) business that can offer personal attention to your party, includes personal service on site to ensure it runs smoothly, and offers attractive rates with only the best customer service. What’s not to love?

Want to try it out for your next event? Happy Booth is offering all readers 15% off when you mention The Lausanne Guide!

To learn more about Happy Booth, visit their website

Follow them on Facebook and Instagram as well.


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