GUANACO Kitchen & Bar

July 14, 2021

Foodies and globetrotters rejoice! There’s a new restaurant near Lausanne that offers an escape to South America, if even for just a few hours.

Walking into the Peruvian restaurant GUANACO Kitchen & Bar in the new Quartier des Halles in Morges, your eyes may be drawn straight away to the open kitchen. Flames rise up from the stovetop as the chefs prepare mouth-watering dishes with ingredients that welcome a story from distant travels or childhood memories. It’s rare in these parts for restaurants to not only allow diners access to the kitchen, but to highlight it; welcoming guests to watch the delightful show that will soon be on their plates. And as the flames die down and your eye wanders, you’ll then notice the architectural and interior design, crafted by none other than our talented friend, Studio Julia Christ. 

Every small (and large) detail works harmoniously to transport you to Peru, from the subtle balance of natural and colorful tones, to the geometric pattern of the bar which pays homage to the pyramids of the ancient Incan civilization. And don’t even get us started on the light fixtures—paper pendant lights hang delicately from the ceiling in one corner, echoing the Japanese influence in Peruvian cuisine, and woven lights create a gorgeous pattern stretching across the walls adding texture and warmth to the space. It quickly becomes obvious that dining at GUANACO is just as much about the ambiance as it is about the food.

And the food. How could we not talk about the food? The menu consists of small starters like croquetas aji gallina or nigiri acevichado, and then there are several ceviches to choose from, all mouth-wateringly authentic, fresh, and diverse. But the show-stopper for us was the pescado amazonico—an entire de-boned fish cooked to perfection in banana leaves, with accompanying sauces that added some “healthy heat” to the dish.

With incredible service, amazing ambiance, and absolutely exquisite food, GUANACO is an address to add to your regular roundup of lunch and dinner options. Whether you’re looking for a cocktail and ceviche night with friends, or a romantic date night with unique flavors, this is a spot you don’t want to miss.

021 802 15 15

Sunday & Monday: Closed

Tuesday-Thursday: 11h30-14h, 17h30-23h

Friday: 11h30-14h, 17h30-24h

Saturday: 11h30-24h

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