May 17, 2021

Nestled just across a bridge over the Vuachère river and on the border of Pully and Lausanne, is a hidden restaurant with quite possibly one of the most charming and secluded terraces in the city. We’ve passed by Grotto2 a countless number of times, always making a mental note to try it out but have never managed. Its bright pink exterior contrasted with the lush green canopies overhead is enough to pique the interest of anyone walking by. But it wasn’t until last weekend when we were walking the Chemin de la Vuachère, that the stars aligned and we just happened to be passing this darling restaurant right around lunchtime. There were twinkle lights strung by the branches just in front of the restaurant, and a welcoming sign that advertised the daily specials to be enjoyed on their hidden terrace.

Sitting on the terrace of Grotto2 is like free nature therapy. The dense green leaves overhead sway in the breeze, and the steady and soothing sound of the Vuachère river below accompanies your sips of the house red wine. Their menu is complete with traditional Italian dishes of antipasti, homemade pasta, and meat and fish dishes as well as wood-fired pizzas. Though the restaurant, including the terrace, feels slightly dated, there’s something charming about its tiredness; like a worn leather glove that gets more comfortable and soft with age. 

While we wouldn’t seek Grotto2 out solely for the food, this is a place where the combination of ambiance and cuisine makes it a special spot. Perhaps it’s not a grotto in the true sense of the word, but this charming restaurant does allow you to tuck away, hide, and dine in nature. And that’s something we will definitely be coming back for.

Avenue des Deux-Ponts 13, 1009 Pully
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August 15-21, 2022

July 25-31, 2022