Green Up Café

April 21, 2022

Until now, Green Up Café has been a bit of an insider secret for the healthy lifestyle set in Lausanne. Located in the lobby of Holmes Place on the fourth floor of the Globus building, you’d have to know to look for it. But with a new location on Rue Marterey that opened earlier this month, the secret is officially out.

The restaurant’s concept is simple but surprisingly rare in Switzerland. Pick your salad or wrap base (spinach, kale, etc) and then select your toppings from every imaginable salad ingredient stretched across the long salad bar. Include a dressing and dusting of seeds along with a fresh-pressed juice or smoothie for a complete and satisfying lunch that you can just as easily take to go.

In other words, our Mon Repos park summer picnic game has just levelled up, and there is no going back to sad sandwiches or take-out pizza.

Carol and Tiago, the couple behind Green Up, also offer a customized meal service program called LiveUp for people who are looking for more complete nutritional support. Based on your specific objectives, they prepare and deliver either a full or half-day of meals, including a breakfast shot of juice and an afternoon snack.

In the end, living well is all about balance, right? When we’ve enjoyed our wine and cheese a little too much (again), we’re so glad that there GreenUp to help us find our equilibrium.

Green Up Café

Rue Marterey 1 (new location!)

Rue de la Mercerie 12 (inside the lobby of Holmes Place)

+41 78 691 91 27

Follow them on Facebook and Instagram

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