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February 3, 2021

As part of our work on The Lausanne Guide, our editorial team comes across so many interesting and inspiring products, events, and content.

We’re kicking off a new column to share these “things” with you. It’s an unabashedly random list of objects, people, ideas that caught our attention, made our hearts swell, or inspired us this week.

Do you have something to share – connect with us over email or on Instagram.

1. My Octopus Teacher

We watched this Netflix documentary on Friday night because we were told it would a great film for our kids to see. We never expected that a movie about an octopus could take us on such an emotional journey, opening our eyes to the complexity and poetry of the natural world. It’s one to watch again and again! 

It’s seriously the most beautiful film we’ve seen in ages. And it’s about an octopus. We know; we’re still confused about that too…

2. Etua

Is there anything more luxurious than a silk scarf? We were so impressed by the modern designs of this locally-based company. We’d love to pair one of their scarves with a simple white t-shirt and jeans this spring. The price point is also kind on the bank account, making this a lovely and affordable wardrobe update.

3. 50 Amazing Swiss Women

This Sunday, February 7, Switzerland celebrates 50 years of women’s right to vote. Just typing that sentence is a cold splash of water to the face! It’s a reminder that we can’t take progress for granted.

A new book, suited for kids and adults, takes a look at the lives and accomplishments of 50 remarkable historic and contemporary Swiss women. We love the whimsical illustrations and delightful discovery of women who have shaped the society we enjoy.

4. Cadesio Chocolates

Last week, we popped into the Cadesio chocolate studio here in Lausanne to meet the founders (three female friends! You know we love that…) and ask a few questions about ethical chocolate. Each of the nine chocolate bars they create is linked to a local charity working to create a better society. With each purchase, a donation is made. How cool is that?! 

Also, can we talk about the flavors? Chocolate with cherry and rosemary? Matcha and corn? Thyme and sea salt? These combos are next level creativity and so delicious!

The chocolate is made right here in Lausanne – actually just a few steps from one of our apartments (#dangerous).

5. Nandanam Announces Takeaway

Better late than never, right?! One of our favorite restaurants in town for a culinary evasion to warmer climates and spicy flavors, Nadanam was slow to jump on the takeaway train last fall. However, they’ve just announced that they’ll be packaging up their delicious Indian menu for home dining from this week. 

Our Friday night plans just came into focus – Lupin on Netflix and Chettinad Beef on our plates!


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