February 25 – March 3, 2019

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February 24, 2019

The highways were busier than normal this past weekend, as everyone is headed up to the mountains for the week long school holiday. Are you one of them? We are staying put because 1) we aren’t organized enough to plan ahead and 2) we’re tired and everyone knows that the word “holiday” with kids is a misnomer 😉 If you’re like us and staying local this week, don’t fret–Lausanne has some pretty cool events to make everyone else have FOMO…kind of.

Ok fine, skiing would be pretty amazing this week too. Have a great week, wherever you are!


The Lausanne Lions will go up against HC Ambri-Piotta at 19h45.


It’s a Soirée Slam at Bleu Lézard–so bring your creative and competitive energy.


The last of the Happy BAO’hours happens this Thursday starting at 17h30.

There’s a new wine and tapas bar called Bodega that will be holding inauguration parties starting Thursday and lasting through the weekend. Go check it out!


It’s time for some retro dancing–and only to vinyls no less! Head to XIIIe Siècle to get down.


Mush mush! There’s an international dog-sledding course hosted at Les Mosses this Saturday & Sunday that’s open to the public. If you like dogs, nature, and competition–this is definitely something not to be missed!

He won the Best Act in Romandie at the 2017 Swiss Music Awards, and he’s giving an exclusive (and FREE) concert at Blackbird House this Sunday night. Here’s your chance to see Mark Kelly live, and eat/drink great food while you’re at it.

Watch the Lausanne Lions go head to head with HC Fribourg in Prilly.

Get down and dirrty (no that’s not a typo) at La Datcha, for a 2000s themed party, Christina Aguilera style 😉

And if dirty pop isn’t your thing, head to Le Big Ben bistrot bar for some live acoustic bluegrass and country by Wolverine.


Head to Tibits at 14h to watch the film “The End of Meat”–a part of the Festival du Film Vert which is promoting a more sustainable and durable future. The next part of the festival will take place next week at EPFL and is called “Useless”, highlighting waste generated from food.

The first Sunday of the month, go discover the exhibits at Musée de l’Élysée accompanied by a free guide, plus lots of activities set up for the whole family to enjoy. Learn more about their “dimanche en famille” here.

Blues music inside, BBQ outside–this Sunday night at Brasserie de Montbenon.

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