17 Aug 22

[Figure 1.A.] the Scientific Art Exhibition

With its new exhibition, Figure 1.A. promises to make you discover science through the shear beauty of it. A selection of artistic pictures coming from labs all around the world will shine  a new light on the mundane reality surrounding you. From cells composing the mosaic of life to far away nebulae, Figure 1.A. takes you on a journey blurring the frontier between art and science. For the whole duration of the exhibition, photography and microscopy workshops will allow you to explore your creativity. There will also be talks by scientists, exploring how curiosity and emotions help in the pursuit of knowledge. At the end of the day, you will be amazed by the beautiful complexity of the world we live in and eager to learn more about it.   Opening: 21 September – 6:00pm with a talk from James Beacham, particle physicist working at CERN 22 September: talk
04 Apr 22

Double event! Café de Prélaz 5th anniversary + Sulfure’s 1st exhibition

The Café de Prélaz is celebrating its 5th anniversary! For this occasion, the online art gallery Sulfure is briefly leaving the virtual world in order to show the artworks of its artists in real life! The Café’s walls will be decorated by unique artworks created by talented local artists. Come celebrate with us this double event with art, music and cocktails! Concerts program: 6pm: Triovoli 8pm: Betty Patural 10pm: Lycka
01 Apr 22

Guided tour of “Résister, encore” at MCBA

A museum guide accompanies participants as they tour the exhibition and discover its contents, while offering keys to understanding what is on display, ways to interpret it, and multiple opportunities to exchange points of view. The current exhibition is called Résister, encore, it is a collective show that displays the forms of resistance artists have developed when faced with the great challenges of our age – those forms amount to survival strategies.