Epiq: The Beer Shop in Lausanne That Lives Up to Its Name

March 17, 2023

You are walking up the steep staircase to the cathedral in the Old Town. You pause halfway to catch your exasperated breath and to your left notice a small storefront with a friendly blue cat waving you inside. If you are at all of the ale persuasion, and Feldschlossen just doesn’t cut it anymore, this is your stop. Old Town can wait. Friends, it's time to walk into Epiq: the beer shop in Lausanne that lives up to its name.

 Epiq is first and foremost a beer cellar: “Cave a bières.” The selection of beers is the most extensive that we have seen in Lausanne and has any style your hoppy, grainy, and/ or malty taste buds may desire. As they say at Epiq, “your thirst doesn’t have a chance.” The guidance you can expect feels on par with receiving a beer certification. They are well-versed in every single item of inventory on their shelves. If you have even the slightest appreciation for beer, you must stop by and visit, mainly because you never know if they are having a degustation.

You will also find an array of draft beers “en fut” that you can take “a l’emporter” in kegs. Yes, keg rental is a thing here, too. It is a highly curated option where you can choose from almost 70 different beers to have as the highlight of your very own event. They are passionate about supporting local enterprises, but also seek out the best beer as defined by their own delectable palates, both of which we very much appreciate.

Another reason to pop it is for their unique array of vegan and sweet options. All handmade by Pierre, we picked up some “faux gras” infused with port and were delightfully pleased with how confused our taste buds were by the ingredient list. We were sure there had to be at least some part of a bird in there. Not so! And the “faumon?”  The name alone makes us want to buy it.

Not only do they have “Beer of the Week” offers, but they also create homemade sandwiches, salads, wraps, and other apero items which vary according to season. The small but mighty collection of natural wine sustains the oenophiles and a creative selection of craft liquors provides a spiriteux alternative as well. And they love their friends and neighbors! You might find them setting up “keg” at a friend’s shop where you can shop and sip one of their beers. You can also order many of their products online and they will ship them directly to your doorstep, although we highly recommend paying Nil and Pierre a visit for the full experience. It is quite the treat!

“Par des epicuriens, pour les epicuriens.”

We couldn’t agree more, Epiq.

TUE – SAT: 10AM – 8PM

+41 21 351 20 00

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