February 25, 2016
We’ve been talking about it for a year now, and this month we finally booked our table at Eligo, the latest local restaurant to join the esteemed Michelin firmament.
Overall, Downtown Lausanne’s restaurant scene prides itself on the no-fuss, authentic meal. Being no-fuss, authentic types ourselves, this is right up our alley. Eligo, however, is not a typical Lausanne restaurant. It offers a sleek and sophisticated dining experience with an appropriate—and appreciated—dose of pretension. Allow us to explain…
Sometimes a girl wants to dress up, wear a smoky eye AND a red lip, and check her coat at the door.
Sometimes, she wants to describe her ideal wine to the server, only to have her breath taken away by the perfection of his choice.
Sometimes, she wants to let herself be surprised by the studied simplicity of finely prepared food…
And for these times, dear friends, Lausanne is lucky to have Eligo.
We don’t pretend to be food critics, but we can say that what we tasted was elegant, creative and elevated. The experience of ordering the Chef’s menu (four dishes, each a surprise) gave the evening a thrill of discovery. And as if the food weren’t enough, the service was truly the best we’ve had in Lausanne. Not only was our waiter exceedingly knowledgeable about the food and the wine, but he cheerily relayed our dietary restrictions (blah, pregnancy) to the kitchen, which masterfully adapted our menu so that we could enjoy with confidence and peace of mind.
Eligo offers something that our city needs: stunning food, perfect service and a modern, minimalist atmosphere. We know where our special occasions will be celebrated from now on!
Rue du Flon 8, 1008 Lausanne
Telephone: 021 320 0003
Or book your table online here
Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 12pm-2pm | 7pm-10pm

May 15-21, 2023