Eat Me’s New Fall Menu

November 2, 2016

A couple weeks ago we had the pleasure of joining Serena, owner and creator of Eat Me, and her husband Mark on a journey to discover their new autumn menu. We aren’t strangers to Eat Me, but for those who are, it’s is a one-of-a-kind concept where you can travel the world with your palette and make new culinary discoveries through their highly curated menu. Travel with our tastebuds? Yes, please.

Not only is Eat Me known for their exquisite and unique dishes, but their highly trained bartenders make some of the most deliciously daring cocktails in Lausanne. We couldn’t believe that one of our favorite cocktails was made with a spicy infusion of rosemary and chorizo (and even had a slice of dehydrated chorizo inside), and were pleasantly surprised when another came out garnished with caramel popcorn. Every dish, every cocktail, every detail has a flash of whimsical and fun, yet when it comes to the flavors, Eat Me’s team takes themselves very seriously.

We absolutely loved taking this culinary journey with Serena and Mark–listening to personal anecdotes as each dish arrived to our table; the stories behind the flavors, the specific ingredients, the garnishing. How each dish started as an experience and ended as a tangible creation for everyone to enjoy.

Some of the highlights were the bone-in slow-cooked pork spare ribs served with a mouth-watering spicy chili sauce, or the “Electric Sashimiviche” which started with the surprising zing of a Sichuan button flower (which you are directed to eat before enjoying the tuna–apparently it’s a natural palette cleanser!). Every single dish had complexities we appreciated and flavors that surprised us in the best of ways.

We were also intrigued with “The Secret Box.” We won’t ruin the surprise and tell you what’s inside, but we will tell you this: it’s delicious.

And of course, all journeys must come to an end, but when the end means dessert, it makes saying goodbye a bit easier. We enjoyed the vanilla cheesecake with salted butter caramel, the fresh fruit carpaccio, and the raspberry heart chocolate fondant.  (We may or may not have licked the plates clean).

The verdict? Go. Whether it’s a date night, a girl’s night, a solo night, a weeknight, whatever night…go. There are so many discoveries to make, and who doesn’t love making new discoveries around a table, fork (and glass) in-hand?

Eat Me
Rue Pépinet 3, 1003 Lausanne
+41 21 311 76 59


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