Dr. Gabs, Lausanne’s local brewmaster

April 30, 2012

When Gabriel Hasler’s older sister bought him a home brewing kit for his sixteenth birthday, there was no way she might possibly have known what it would lead to. Along with three of his best friends, Reto Engler, David Paraskevopoulous and Xavier Company, that home brewing kit set Gabriel (Dr. Gabs) on a new course. Now, eleven years later, the beer brewing quartet is still going strong and gracing Lausanne with some of the most flavorful and refreshing beverages in town.

We recently spent some time with Dr. Gabs at their brewing center in Epalinges to learn more about the method and philosophy behind their product. Determined to make the best beer that they possibly can, the company remains committed to, as Reto described to us, “making sure that their hands touch each bottle.” Of course, this sounds like a nice mantra for a small artisanal company, but in case you are tempted to interpret it figuratively, let us assure you that these guys take themselves and their beer very seriously.

With a total production of over 5,000 bottles a month and demand on the rise, the team behind the label has their work cut out for them, especially since they intend to remain involved in each step of the production process. And yet, a testament to their success, they will be moving their operations to a larger facility in Savigny this summer.

The product
The company offers four “classic” brews throughout the year, as well as a fifth “seasonal” option.
The classics include a bière blanche (the Houleuse), a bière blonde (the Tempête), an amber beer (the Chameau), and a stout (the Tenebreuse). This season’s special elixir is a smoky, amber beer (the Crockus) that is perfect for the chilly Lausanne spring.

We had trouble settling on a favorite; à chacun son goût, after all. But we quickly agreed that each was extraordinary, clearly some of the best beer we’ve ever tasted.

Where to find Dr. Gabs
Restaurants, cafés and bars all across the Arc Lémanique offer Dr. Gabs beer, but there are a few places we especially love in Lausanne. Bar Tabac and ZooBurger, which have both already appeared on the Lausanne Guide, are our top recommendations (read our reviews here and here, respectively). However, a few other great addresses carry it as well, namely The Bleu Lézard, Café de l’Hôtel de Ville, Café du Simplon, Brasserie Bavaria and the Lausanne Saturday market.

For a full list of retailers, click here.

Even better, they deliver! For a minimal fee of 5chf for Lausanne residents, Dr. Gabs will deliver your order directly to your doorstep. Check out the details on their site.

A big thanks to Dr. Gabs for the fun and informative evening; and a final word to Gabriel Hasler’s older sister: best.birthday.gift.ever.

Dr. Gabs Brewery
Follow them on Twitter: @DocteurGabs


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