January 23, 2018

There’s not much better in life than a fresh donut (ok, maybe a few things, but it’s pretty high up there). And for the past eight years of our living in Switzerland, we’ve had to rely on our travels abroad to satiate our cravings. But then we caught wind of a newly opened Donut shop near Parc de Milan called Donutime, and we decided to burden ourselves with the task of quality control 😉

The founder of Donutime, Fabrice, spent a good amount of time in the USA (Washington D.C. more specifically) where we take the donut business quite seriously. He, like many entrepreneurs in the area, came back to Switzerland and noticed a void. He decided to fill that void with colorful, delectable, and oh-so-fresh donuts–the very first donut shop in Suisse Romande–and we thank him for it.

Donutime is simple. Everyday a fresh batch of homemade artisanal donuts are baked using products from the region, and when they open their doors at 7am, the waft of sugary sweetness fills the air. With over 20 flavors to choose from, they’ve got Lausanne in a bit of hysterics. So much so, they sell out

If that’s not enough to get you in their doors, what if we told you you don’t have to? Donutime just recently started delivering to your home/office/wherever with a minimum of 30 chf purchase (this includes neighborhoods just outside of Lausanne, like Epalinges, Morges, and Cully!).

So what’s our consensus? Super yummy. While we could use just a tad bit more airy-ness in the interior, the donut wasn’t at all cake-y (which is rare in these parts!). It was fresh, generously portioned, and the toppings were such fun. We will definitely be back, and look forward to testing out the delivery option as well.

A few LG tips:

  • Get there before noon to avoid the disappointment of a sold-out scenario (we arrived around 10:30 and found many flavors had just one left)
  • Our favorites were the classic+ (the sprinkle of cinnamon was a nice surprise!), the raspberry (made with fresh raspberry purée–not food coloring), and the Boston cream
  • They also serve bagel sandwiches for lunch–we were finishing up with our donuts around lunchtime and there was a line almost to the door waiting on bagels (and a cheeky donut for dessert)


Avenue de Cour 71b, 1007 Lausanne

+41 21 546 31 31,

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 7h – 18h
Wednesday: 7h – 18h
Thursday: 7h – 18h
Friday: 7h – 18h
Saturday: 9h – 17h
Sunday: 9h – 17h


Umamido Lausanne

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