Domani: Pizzeria Durable

March 2, 2022

Mario Mattiello is passionate about pizza. Being born and raised in Naples, it’s hard not to be. But his professional career took him on a path toward engineering, and after 20 years, he circled back to what many of us would call his origins—and we’re so grateful.

You may ask why a Neapolitan man making pizza here in Lausanne is a story worth telling – it seems obvious – but what Mario and his team have created is unlike anything else here in Lausanne: friends, it’s time to be introduced to Domani.

Only opened this week, Domani is a result of years of dreaming and community crowdfunding. The first Neapolitan pizzeria in Lausanne with a focus on sustainable sourcing by using 100% local and organic ingredients, their core values reflect a desire to minimize waste and create pizza while respecting the environment.

And if the ethos of Domani isn’t enough, the interior is worth a visit. Designed by Lausanne-based architecture and engineering studio Baraki, the black and white checkered tile floor paired with old Swiss bistro chairs, the geometric tile patterns and the twisting staircase mirrored with the bubble light chandelier transports you to a midcentury-inspired oasis. Small details created and installed by our friend Fabio Marco also show how much local love has been poured into this little restaurant on Petit-Chêne.

But ultimately, you’re not really here for the story or the atmosphere – the main motive is the pizza. And it is absolute perfection. The chewy and perfectly formed crust – complete with impressive air pockets that demonstrate the oven’s notable heat and the pizzaiolo’s skill –is enough to differentiate this spot from many. But then paired with the quality of the ingredients, the knowledge of its local origins, and the understanding that your pizza was made with love for both you and the planet, it’s one of those delightful meals that forces you to slow down and savor every bite in the moment – while also thinking about tomorrow…or in other words, domani.

Pictured above: The Bufala and the Rustica (NOT pineapple, but potato and fennel sausage on the pizza).

TLG Tip: Mario and his team also offer ateliers – private workshops and a pizzaiolo for your events. Check out their website for more information.

Rue du Petit-Chêne 9, 1003 Lausanne

Monday-Friday, 10am – 5pm

Follow them on Instagram and Facebook


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